Rain in UAE
Moderate rain was first reported in Al Fili, Sharjah at around 4.30pm by the National Centre of Meteorology. Image Credit: Twitter

Sharjah: Dust swirls were spotted in Ras Al Khaimah on Friday afternoon with heavy rain and hail also reported over areas of Sharjah, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

The NCM also issued a weather alert for Friday night extending until 8pm. 

"Convective cloud formation, associated with some rainfall and fresh winds with speed reaching 45-km/h will cause dust and sand to blow up. Horizontal visibility will be reduced to less than 2,000 metres," read a statement.

Moderate rain was first reported in Al Fili, Sharjah at around 4.30pm by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) twitter feed.

A rainbow was also later spotted in Al Fili before heavy rain hit Mleiha in Sharjah, this then turned to hail affecting areas in Mleiha and Fili.

Videos of flooded roads, camels getting drenched and hail hitting the tarmac in Sharjah were then tweeted by the NCM.

At around 5pm dust swirls were also spotted in the Kadra area of Ras Al Khaimah, with videos showing it towering over the dunes in wet and windy conditions.

Moderate rain was later reported in Khalifa Street in Malaiha, Fujairah and Shouka, Ras Al Khaimah.

There could also be a continued chance of rain over the next four days, according to the NCM.

Humidity and mist on Saturday and Sunday morning will turn fair to partly cloudy on Saturday with a chance of convective cloud formation in the east by evening. On Sunday conditions will be partly cloudy to cloudy, temperatures will decrease and the chance of rain will increase in the interiors.

Light to moderate southwesterlies will turn northwesterly by afternoon, freshening at times on Saturday with speeds of 18-28-km/h reaching highs of 38-km/h with slight to moderate sea conditions. By Sunday wind speeds will increase to 20-30-km/h, reaching 45-km/h, blowing up sand and dust with moderate seas becoming rough at times.

On Monday, it will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times over scattered areas, especially in the north and eastern areas, with a chance of rainy convective cloud formation extending to some internal areas.

Moderate to fresh southeasterly to northeasterly winds, will blow up sand at 20-30-km/h reaching 45-km/h with moderate seas again turning rough.

By Tuesday it will be fair to partly cloudy with a probability of some convective clouds formation in the east.

Light to moderate southeasterly winds, becoming northeasterly, will freshen at times, with a speed of 18–28-km/h, reaching 38-km/hr, with slight to moderate seas.