A man shields himself from the sun while taking a walk in Dubai. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: It is going to be a “very hot” start to the week, according to the National Center of Meteorology for UAE residents as temperatures expected to soar.

The weather bureau said that conditions are going to range from “hot to very hot” today, June 30. However, it’s going to be slightly cooler and cloudy in the east of the country, especially in the Fujairah region.

Throughout the day, light to moderate amount of winds are also expected to repeatedly blow, at a speed of 18-28 km/h, reaching up to 38 km/h at times.

The maximum recorded temperatures are expected to range from 39- 47°C, whereas the minimum are expected to be between 30 – 34 °C throughout the emirates.

The conditions at the Arabian Sea, as well as the Oman Sea, are expected to be generally calm to slightly rough at times.