Routine stop check in RAK turns into show of appreciation to medics
Routine stop check in RAK turns into show of appreciation to medics Image Credit: RAK Police

Ras Al Khaimah: It was 2am and all the roads of the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah were empty due to the implementation of the National Sterilisation Programme and only police patrols could be seen roaming the roads to ensure public safety.

Suddenly a police patrol saw vehicle was moving on the road.

Police stopped the driver of the vehicle and asked her to give him her driving license and the vehicle’s registration card.

RAK Police thank medic during routine stop check RAK Police

The female motorist was wearing a face mask and immediately gave him her official documents.

One of the officers in Police Operation Room who was observing the situation asked the officer why he stopped the car.

“To verify her documents,” he replied.

She turned out to be working with the medical staff and was heading home after the end of her shift, according to the paper she gave, the officer said.

Police in the operation room then asked the officer on the road to send her their respects, greetings and sincere appreciation.

“Please, tell her that all the people in the UAE are proud of her and that of her fellow workers in the medical sector, he said by means of the radio that the officer was holding for her to hear.

“May Almighty Allah bless you,” he said.

The female motorist , touched by the senior officer’s words, put her hand on her face and her eyes were filled with tears.

The officer let the driver go while saluting her.