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Dubai: Over 200 volunteers from Prime Hospital and clinics participated in a beach clean-up-up drive organised in collaboration with the Dubai Municipality on Sunday, September 20.

Armed with garbage bags and sheer enthusiasm the volunteers descended upon the Mamzar beach to clear out trash left behind by beach visitors.

The drive was flagged off by Dr Jamil Ahmed managing director of Prime Health Care Group and his wife Tasneem Jamil who is the deputy managing director of the group in the presence of officials from the Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Police.

In a one- hour clean-up drive that began at 5 pm and ended at 6pm, volunteers cleared out several kilograms of garbage comprising hundreds of plastic bottles, cigarette cartons, cigarette ends soft drink cans, wrapping paper, plastic and other food packets that were dumped by beach goers over a period of time.

“Clean beaches are the first step to stopping sea and beach pollution. These discarded plastic bottles and packets find their way into the sea when there is high tide. The garbage not only pollutes the sea but finds its way into the digestive track of fish, tortoise and other aquatic animals. This must be prevented and this is our little contribution towards helping clear that pollution,” said Dr Ahmed

Dr Tasneem added: ‘This initiative is aimed at creating greater community awareness about our ecology its conservation. Keeping beaches clean will help keep our marine habitat safe and trash free.”

The Dubai Municipality’s waste management organises many such community awareness events for inviting residents to volunteer in such initiatives for a cleaner, sustainable and eco- friendly society.