Cashless payments customers
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Rashed Al Ansari, Chief Executive Officer of Al Ansari Exchange says that listening to customers should be a priority. “Our feedback mechanism is our way of empowering customers and letting them know that we value their opinions and suggestions,” he says. “Their feedback is integral in enhancing our existing services and developing new solutions to exceed their expectations. We use multiple platforms to collect feedback and comments, including surveys, call centres and social media.”

Al Ansari says that they also listen to their customers’ feedback in their branches. “We have our instant feedback tablets, conveniently placed in front of the tellers in every branch. Customers can use the tablet to provide their feedback on the service they just received. This helps us gather immediate and timely data on-site. We make sure to contact customers who have scored low to address their concerns and do what is possible to turn their experience into a positive one.”

He says that this approach has been instrumental in achieving favourable feedback from consumers. “Our detailed attention to customers and their needs is what makes us the winners of multiple awards and recognition from various institutions locally and internationally,” he says.

Al Ansari says that they also work to ensure that any consumers that do have grievances are able to easily communicate these back to the company. “Our call centre number (600 54 6000) is displayed on every counter and on all our digital platforms. We have more than 100 dedicated staff members working at our call centre who speak 16 languages and are capable of handling all our customers’ enquiries using state-of-the-art technology and solutions,” he says.

“The call centre is an integral part of the headquarters with direct access to decision makers to resolve even the most complex issues customers may face in a short amount of time.”

Catering to diverse nationalities

Antony Jos, Managing Director, Joyalukkas Exchange, says that being able to address the needs of the UAE’s hugely diverse population is vital for business success. “Since its inception, Joyalukkas Exchange has always resonated with customer needs and demands. Through its presence in major expat regions in the Middle East, Joyalukkas Exchange caters to a customer base of over 200 nationalities. Joyalukkas Exchange understands the customers it caters to. For its section of customers who are not digitally savvy, Joyalukkas Exchange offers its world-class services through its network branches, which are conveniently located to serve the customers.

“The ever-friendly and highly trained staff at Joyalukkas Exchange make the whole process simpler and easier for all,” he says.

Jos says that the company’s digital products were also important for meeting consumer needs following the outbreak of the pandemic. “When the pandemic broke out last year and with the announcement of lockdowns, Joyalukkas Exchange Mobile App came in handy for millions of its customers, who had the convenience of sending money to their loved ones from the comfort of their home. The Money Exchange App is designed to be user-friendly and supports multiple languages for ease of use.”

Rewarding loyalty

Jos believes that acknowledging and rewarding consumer loyalty shouldn’t be overlooked. “In this dynamic and ever-demanding market, Joyalukkas Exchange understands the importance of value addition to its customers. The Joyalukkas Exchange Reward Loyalty Programme was one such value addition initiative introduced to reward its customers. The programme rewards points for every transaction. With the loyalty points, customers can access value-added services in the partnered premium brands and can also be redeemed for periodic gifts.”

Rewarding consumers is not enough though if a business is unable to recognise their priorities and concerns. “Value for money, convenience and security are some of the common concerns,” says Jos. “Customers prefer the best exchange rate along with faster credit. At Joyalukkas Exchange, we address these concerns by offering them the best exchange rates with faster credit. Since the UAE is home to people from various nationalities, we serve customers from over 200 nationalities.”

Jos also says that consumers should take an informed and measure approach before choosing a service provide. “We would advise them to do some basic research before choosing their exchange service provider. This would include the credibility of the service provider, years in operation and the type of services offered. Customers should also monitor the financial market and compare the rates with different service providers to get the best value for their money. It is always better to plan your remittance in advance, keep an eye on the exchange rates and take advantage of the currency fluctuations.”

Addressing security concerns

Muna Al Qassab, CEO of UAE payment app Empay, says that in a digital age, consumers’ concerns about online security is an important issue to address. “Security is of prime concern for today’s customers especially concerning payments. With Empay, the UAE’s own payment ecosystem, users can be at complete peace of mind due to mind as Empay is PCI DSS certified ensuring highest levels of security for financial transactions. Empay provides a holistic lifestyle payment solution, which ensures complete financial inclusion across demographics. From paying government bills, international tap & pay, utilities, transport, food, remittances and more, we provide value to users with varied instant needs. Now you can also send money within seconds to your friends through Empay.”