Landau, Germany: Shaikh Abdullah Bin Bayyah, Chairman of the UAE Fatwa Council and President of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies, participated in the 10th edition of the International Conference of Religions for Peace held in Landau, Germany.

The four-day conference, held under the slogan ‘Protecting our Future’, saw the participation of over 100 countries and the attendance of more than 1,000 high-level international figures.

In his speech, Bin Bayyah said that what we create in our present shapes our future and added that the fates of nations are correlated, which means that we should all care about each other’s futures.

He asked: “What is the point of exploring space and other planets if we cannot understand our brothers and neighbours on this planet?”

He also warned against terrorism, which represents an existential challenge to all peace lovers, as certain people consider religions responsible for violence and wars. He urged religious leaders to efficiently engage with the problems of human communities to avoid the possibilities of war.

The UAE Fatwa Council chairman highlighted numerous efforts in this regard, especially those of the UAE and its model of coexistence between different religions and the initiatives it helped launch such as the Human Fraternity Document, signed by the Dr Ahmad Al Tayyeb, Grand Imam of Al Azhar, and Pope Francis as well as the Marrakech Declaration for Minorities Rights, among others.

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany received Bin Bayyah on the sidelines of the conference.