Image Credit: Gulf News

Fujairah: Recent traffic statistics reveal that road accidents have led to seven fatalities and 145 individuals sustaining serious, moderate, and minor injuries in the current year. Since the beginning of the year, 8,513 traffic accidents have been recorded, with November witnessing the highest percentage of injuries at 29, followed by February with 21 injuries, and June with nine.

The data indicates that May saw four deaths resulting from traffic accidents, while January, March, and September each recorded one fatality. The Fujairah Police General Command reported handling 11,303 traffic accidents in the past year.

Despite the challenges, the traffic situation in Fujairah has shown stability, marked by a noticeable decrease in the number of accidents and fatalities compared to previous years.

Authorities attribute this positive trend to effective efforts aimed at ensuring road safety. The Traffic and Patrols Department is dedicated to continually improving the traffic situation in the emirate.

4 critical violations

The Traffic and Patrols Department identified the four most critical traffic violations leading to serious accidents: sudden deviation, jumping red signals, failure to adhere to lanes, and insufficient distance between vehicles.

  • Sudden deviation,
  • Jumping red signals,
  • Failure to adhere to lanes, and
  • Insufficient distance between vehicles.

Emphasising the importance of adherence to traffic regulations, authorities urge drivers to comply with laws to prevent accidents that may result in loss of life and property.

They are actively working to intensify traffic control patrols for awareness and enforcement, spreading a culture of respect for pedestrian rights through various channels, including text messages, social media, and awareness lectures.