One week after a first attempt was cancelled at the last minute, the Chandrayaan-2 (meaning Moon Chariot 2) mission blasted off at 2.43pm yesterday (Monday) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on India’s southeast coast, carrying an unmanned lunar lander, the country’s national pride and space ambitions.

Thios is what Indian expats in UAE said about the launch:

Nergish Khambatta, Principal, Vice-President Indian School, Gems Education and Principal Gems Modern Academy

“Every Indian needs a lodestar to drown out the mundane and keep the spirit of aspiration burning bright. The Chandrayaan II launch has sparked a billion hopes and it feels like a podium finish! To be among the exclusive four lunar club is a stupendous achievement – one that is paralleled in the development of the India’s space programme. And this is just the beginning.”

Dinesh Khiara, Businessman

“The launch of Chandrayaan 2 makes India the fourth country in the world to be able to achieve this. So it is a matter of great pride for all Indians. This space exploration will open up new frontiers for the county and only augment our knowledge and make us a stronger nation.”

Alisha Moopen, Executive Director, Aster DM Health Care

“Prior to this space exploration was only limited to dreamers but the Chandrayan 2 launch has made it a reality for all of us and is definitely a proud moment for us. From a health perspective, I would say all major health care inventions, such as laser etc are spin offs of space exploration. I hope this mission will inspire new innovations. The scientist Stephen Hawking has remarked about space exploration that it gives one an opportunity to see the Earth and the entire humanity as one whole. So the mission will hopefully give us a new perspective on the oneness of the human race.”

Anwar Naha, Former president of KMCC

“The launch of Chandrayaan mission II has invoked waves of elation and joy in every Indian. It’s the first mission of its kind by ISRO where a satellite is landing on a celestial body. A few days ago, on July 15, we had a disappointment when a snag prevented the launch. But the fact that we were able to troubleshoot before the launch, locate the snag, and quickly correct it, shows the prowess and capacity of our space scientists. It puts Indian in the forefront of the world space exploration map.