Dubai: Residents in the UAE will have the chance to sample and purchase five unique recipes through Choithram’s Ramadan charitable initiative ‘Recipes of tolerance.’

The initiative, in partnership with Dubai Cares, is taking place for the fourth consecutive year at Choithrams stores across the UAE. Inspired by the ‘Year of Tolerance,’ it aims to highlight the values of tolerance, coexistence and peace through tasty food. The initiative has benefited from the expertise of Chef Arthur, the UN World Food Programme ambassador as well as other CFI chefs to create five gourmet recipes. The delicious aromatic dishes are based on Emirati ingredients accented with hand-picked delicacies from across the globe.

“If there’s one thing that people across nationalities bond over, it has got to be food. It’s the best way to put behind negativities and strike the brethren-cord over lip-smacking platters. This is also in line with Ramadan’s core objective of bringing everyone together over food,” said LT Pagarani, Chairman of Choithrams. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of select items across the partner brands will also go towards supporting Dubai Cares. Another initiative- ‘Iftar Beverage’ also held by the store-chain is also offering residents the chance to create an innovative beverage that is in line with this year’s theme. Participants will be invited to submit their drinks at a selected outlet on May 5, before the winner is selected at an exclusive iftar party.