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  • Missing money from fund transfer
  • If bank rejected wired money, it should return to the sender

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter to you as my problem is very grave in nature and requires assistance at the earliest. I’ve been expecting some funds in my account, which were wired from the US on January 7, 2019. After 20 days, I have not received the funds in my account. I do not know what to do and who to approach. Those funds were wired considering that I needed them urgently and should have reached my account in two to three days but it’s been a long time and still no trace of it. I did manage to find out that due to some error on my part, wherein I had given the account number instead of providing the IBAN, it got rejected. But even if it was rejected for some reason, the amount should have gone back to the sender, which has still not been received by them.

I had lodged a verbal as well as written complaint to the bank on January 16 but even after a lapse of so many days, the complaint is lying there and all the customer service representatives say is the clichéd response that they are working on it.

After so many days, I have lost hope that anyone would help me out as nothing seems to be working. Their communication lines are not effective, and there does not seem to be any seriousness on their part to resolve this issue.

I badly need your help. My only contention is that if it was rejected or accepted, kindly send me a tracer swift or return swift as evidence so that I can send it over to the sender bank.

From Mr Falak Naz Khan


Editor’s note: The complaint was forwarded to FAB for comments. However, its management did not respond.

(Process initiation: January 28. Process completion: February 27.)

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