Reader complaint
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  • Du cannot transfer the service on this particular location
  • Du terminated the contract, but they told me to pay for early termination fee

I have been requesting du to transfer my home internet connection since early May 2019 because our villa has been demolished; we found a new flat just beside our villa. I have been following up with them about the status of my request for location transfer, but they keep saying they are working on it. It is hard not having internet at home; we were forced to subscribe to bundle data, which costs more, so we can communicate with our family.

Why they are still charging me Dh781 since I haven’t used the service?

- Mr Rolando Villaflores, Dubai

I received a call this July that they cannot transfer the service on that particular location; it means they are the ones who terminated the contract. But they told me that I have to pay for early termination fee since they can’t transfer the service in my place.

I have an advance payment of Dh200, but now they are still asking me to pay Dh781 for foreclosure fee. I have been calling its customer service several times asking why they are still charging me Dh781 since I haven’t used the service; and they are the ones who can’t transfer the service. I called the manager almost 20 minutes but there has been no response. I have been receiving messages from du asking me to pay the amount, which I don’t think is reasonable. I have been waiting for a very long time for my internet connection; if there’s anyone who can ask for compensation, it’s me, but I didn’t. I want to settle this and get my advance payment back.



A representative from du responds: The customer was already contacted and issue is resolved.

Mr Villaflores responds: Yes, they resolved the issue. They waived all the fees, but as per my advance payment they just deducted my remaining bill then they put back the rest into my du account. Thanks Gulf News for your assistance. I just hope it will also help your readers resolve their issues through Gulf News intervention.

(Process initiation: July 8. Response from organisation: September 4. Reader confirmation: November 6.)