Sumanta Kumar Banerjee Sixty-three year old Indian chief financial officer at a printing company based in Dubai. A.K. Kallouche/Gulf News

Name: Sumanta Kumar Banerjee

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Chief financial officer in a printing company

Age: 63

Emirate of residence: Dubai

In the UAE: For 10 years

“Ramadan is, simply put, the best time of the year. This is the time when people get the opportunity to think deeply and introspect about their responsibility and obligation towards the community. It is one of the best times for charity as well, where people donate whatever possible to help the more vulnerable people around the world. I always wish that this brings the opportunity for people to think – can we do something about the horrendous problems the world is facing?

“When you are distressed, when you are in pain then you can appreciate the situation a person can be in when they need help. Ramadan helps create that sense of empathy. It is because of this empathy that I also want to be with my Muslim friends during this month for all those who need help in society. I also donate whatever little I can and our organisation, too, works during this month. I always feel that there is no joy better than giving and when you give you also receive the blessing back in your life, which cannot be valued in terms of money.

“On a lighter note, it’s also such a joy to drive during Ramadan. On a normal day, driving from Jebel Ali to the centre of Dubai is an hour and 20 minutes of pure stress, but during Ramadan you feel the quietness of the surrounding. That allows you to actually think and quite often those thoughts are very positive. That really is the spirit of Ramadan for me — you introspect and automatically the spirit of giving comes through. You feel like you can be yourself and help others in whatever manner you think.

— As told to Huda Tabrez/Digital Media Journalist