Reason to smile. Mohammad Riaz with Dr Walid Shaker at Burjeel Hospital. Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI Burjeel Hospital has introduced a new technology — Cryo Ablation — to prevent and stabilise atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeats in patients. This advanced heart tissue freezing technology will be used to treat high risk cardiac arrhythmias, thus reducing the risk of stroke.

Dr Walid Shaker, consultant and head of cardiac surgery at the hospital, said the technology was just employed on Mohammad Riaz, 34, who was suffering from shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat.

The patient was diagnosed as having severe mitral valve regurgitation due to degenerative heart disease and rapid atrial fibrillation.

The disease affected his lifestyle as he had been hospitalised on numerous occasions.

But after the new Cryo technology was used to treat him, Riaz’s quality of life has improved. He has a healthy heart valve and regular controlled heartbeat now. “More importantly, the patient is now no longer at risk of suffering a stroke,” said Dr Shaker