Wall Ride Park. An image of the mountain bike facility in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai resident has produced a blueprint for an indoor mountain bike facility, the largest of its kind, for the benefit of the UAE’s growing number of bikers.

Called the Wall Ride Park, the unique facility will span 2,700 square metres. It will be built from recycled material and maintain a cool temperature to enable bikers to do what they love most even during the summer months.

Robert Canseco, the man behind the project, said: “The plan is to transform an empty piece of land into an exciting hub for mountain bikers, BMXers and others. The trails will be built by using materials like dirt, wood, rocks etc.”

Canseco reckons there are over 4,000 mountain bikers in the UAE. He said thanks to Dubai Cycling, this number is seeing a sharp increase.

He said while indoor facilities for outdoor activities are nothing new, the need for a covered mountain bike centre was yet to be met. The centre will provide broad range of flowing and progressive indoor bike trails, obstacles, skill zones and wall rides. Designed to accommodate all types of bicycles, it will feature a variety of progressive flow courses, jump trails and lines, besides loops around a massive area, fun jumps, a huge foam pit and pumptracks.

Wall Ride will also offer coaching services, bike and safety equipment for hire.

Conseco said the project is in the planning stages and is looking for support from the biking community to take it forward.