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The man came to Dubai in 2009 to work. There has been no word from him since last February, his father claims Image Credit: Gulf News Archives. Photo for illustrative purpose only.

Hyderabad (Telangana): A Hyderabad resident on Saturday sought help from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, headed by S Jaishankar, to find his missing son, Azmathullah Shareef, who had been working in Dubai, according to ANI.

Asadullah Shareef, the father of the missing person, told the agency that Azmathullah went missing in February 2019 and the family was still waiting to hear from him.

“My son Azmathullah went to Dubai in the year 2009 for work and was staying there since then. We were in regular contact over the years. In 2015, Azmathullah came to India on vacation and later returned to Dubai. Last year, I had an accident, and he told me that he will try to return but we lost contact with him,” said Asadullah.

“When we contacted his Dubai office, they said Azmathullah is not reporting for work. He went missing in February 2019 and till now, we are waiting for his call. We do not know where he is and in what condition he is in,” he added.

He said he has urged the Indian Government and the Indian Embassy in the UAE to trace Azmathullah and bring him back to India safely. (ANI)