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View of the Horizon Towers, Ajman Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman, Gulf News

Ajman: Hundreds of residents in Ajman’s Horizon Tower have been without running water since Friday morning and many are still waiting for the supply to be restored.

Gulf News received several calls from readers on Sunday complaining about conditions after they had failed to find a solution through the building’s management.

One resident, Ghazala Andleep, said they were not prepared to go so long without water and had to buy gallons from the local store.

“It’s a big struggle now... we are staying at home and there are movement restrictions so we cannot go out and the management does not understand our concern.”

Omar, another resident, said, “If we were informed about any kind of repair or maintenance of water lines, we would definitely have made arrangements. In our block the water was cut from 9am to 5pm since Friday. It’s a big struggle now as we are unable to cook or even wash our hands or use the washroom,” she said.

Omar said they had faced similar situations in the past.

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Horizon Towers in Ajman Image Credit: Atiq Ur Rehman, Gulf News

“This time, it has been three days since our water supply went off and we just don’t know what to do, as no one seems to know what really happened.”

Fellow resident, Mohammad Muneeb Khan, said, “On Friday we faced shortages but then it was restored by evening so we assumed it was a small issue. Then on Saturday it stopped again at 8am and was restored only by 5pm.

“Today the water stopped at 4am and until now we have no clue what’s going on.”

Khan said he saw a notice from maintenance informing residents of an issue with the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA).

“There was no notice giving us the date or timing of interruption, which is unprofessional,” said Khan.

Khan said they contacted the maintenance office but they placed the blame on FEWA, but FEWA have told residents there is no issue on their side.

Residents also contacted the Ajman Properties Corporation (AQAAR) who have said they are trying to resolve the matter.

All residents, many of whom have small children, have complained that the situation is unbearable given that it is Ramadan and they are also under movement restrictions.

Gulf News has approached building management, FEWA and AQAAR for comment.