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Optomed: Unique solutions in diabetic retinopathy prevention

Over 1 million cases of diabetes were detected in the UAE in 2017, a number expected to grow by up to 70 per cent to reach more than 2 million by 2045 according to However, a vast majority of cases of prediabetes and about 35 per cent of diabetes cases in the UAE remain undiagnosed, a lost opportunity at avoiding costs and complications from a largely preventable disease. With up to 1/23 of diabetics being affected by diabetic retinopathy, Finnish brand Optomed offers a solution through its handheld fundus camera, a unique screening device that integrates a camera into patented telemedicine and AI solutions for affordable and accessible eye screening. The largest provider of handheld fundus cameras in the world, Optomed enjoys a significant presence in the UAE and the Middle East as well as in India and Asia Pacific. For more information visit

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Naava: Towards greener workspaces

With a goal to create healthier, happier and more inspiring workspaces, Naava is making an impact in the niche space of office and industrial spaces through its revolutionary range of portable green walls. Not just any wall as the company states, it’s a biological air purifier, humidifier, living wall, space divider and whiteboard all rolled into one. Naava’s green walls use natural plants that are automatically watered through the inbuilt system. Artificial intelligence is used to monitor each Naava unit 24/7 and allows it to adapt to changes in its surroundings. A 24/7 remote monitoring and controlling system allows for automated watering and lighting, while the Naava app helps you monitor the Naava unit at leisure.

Having supplied its units to global firms including Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Coca Cola, Naava enjoys a presence in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, the UK and US and South-Korea, and hopes to touchdown in the UAE soon. For more information visit

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ISKU: Quality antimicrobial furniture solutions

Advances in material science play critical roles in indoor hygiene management and his could be truer for Finnish brand, Isku. The Isku+ furniture collection is a world first, combining Finnish expertise in healthcare, technology and design to provide unique antimicrobial furniture solutions that contribute to a cleaner environment. The technology on antimicrobial surfaces functions actively 24/7 affecting microbes by causing damage to their DNA and preventing them from multiplying. All Isku furniture can be manufactured with antimicrobial materials.

Healthcare facilities aside, Isku+ solutions come recommended for public environments such as schools and other educational institutions. The right facility and furniture solutions create peaceful work environments, improving learning results and contributing to overall community health and well-being. Isku enjoys a presence in the UAE with its Middle East headquarters based in Dubai. For more information visit

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Prowellness: Integrated AI solutions for long-term health conditions

Long-term health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and endocrine disorders constantly take their toll on global society. In Finland, Prowellness Health Solutions hopes to offer a panacea through modern health ICT systems. It offers clinical specialist systems to public and private health services providers, health districts, hospital groups, individual hospitals and care communities with the help of assisted self-management with AI for patients.

Its web-based and mobile, data-driven and AI-enhanced systems offer a holistic view of patients, enabling early intervention and improving the efficiency and quality of care. The outcomes are reduced morbidity and hospitalisation, which results in lower healthcare costs and better patient productivity in life. With a presence in Finland, the UK and Ireland, Prowellness plans to launch in the UAE this year through a joint venture. For more information visit