Sarab (left) had been suffering from a condition in the fluid of her eyes during her grief, resulting in a gradual loss of vision Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Syrian expat who lost her vision while mourning her husband’s death can now see again, thanks to a UAE-based fund-raising campaign.

Mahzooz, a weekly draw, teamed up with Al Jalila Foundation, to help fund a vitrectomy surgery for Sarab.The donation was made as part of the Foundation’s ‘A’awen’ programme that aims to provide life-saving treatments to individuals in need, who are unable to afford critical procedures.

Sarab had been grappling with severe issues in her retinal and ocular fluid, resulting in a gradual loss of vision. The condition significantly impacted her ability to carry out everyday tasks and lead a fulfilling life.

Eye surgery

Thanks to A’awen, Sarab underwent a successful vitrectomy surgery, a procedure crucial in addressing her eye’s retinal problems.

Suzan Kazzi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Communications, Mahzooz, said: “Our mission at Mahzooz is to change people’s lives. We are delighted to collaborate with Al Jalila Foundation once again in this noble endeavour to provide life-changing treatment to Sarab. Through this donation, we hope to have brought her back hope and independence, enabling her to rediscover life’s beauty and seize new opportunities.”

Sulaiman Baharoun, Director of Fundraising, Al Jalila Foundation, said: “We are grateful for the unwavering commitment shown by Mahzooz in helping us make a significant impact on the lives of patients like Sarab. With their continued support, we can continue to offer hope and healing to those who have endured tremendous health challenges.”