20210329 uae COVID-19 cases
Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The UAE has set an impressive example of the proficient handling of the COVID-19 crisis through its quick response to the pandemic.

“The UAE’s resounding success in combating the pandemic is a fruition of the wise leadership’s interest and sharp vision that resulted launching well-thought strategies and several initiatives to deal with the crisis, Mona Khalil, official spokesperson of the UAE’s community sector, said during the media briefing on Tuesday.

She said the procedures taken by the UAE has positively contributed to enhancing family cohesion by 97 per cent according to a study conducted by the Ministry of Community Development.

During COVID-19, the UAE society faced many changes. Social distancing and quarantine are among the most important precautionary measures that caused a change in the behaviour of individuals and society as well as in increasing family and community solidarity.

The spokesperson urged community members to join forces with relevant authorities during such an exceptional stage of the pandemic. “This crisis will pass but humanity will remain…Our actions and decisions will leave their imprint on our politics, economy, culture and life,” Khalil said.

According to the study, 96 per cent of respondents said the UAE has perfectly and efficiently dealt with the crisis and its way of confronting challenges by compensating categories affected by the pandemic and supporting small, medium and micro businesses.

The pandemic emphasized the importance of the collaboration of community and government efforts by changing some social habits in order to maintain the health and safety of all members of society.

Khalil noted that securing the highest levels of social and economic stability for all contributed to the state of calm and security within the community throughout this period.

“The UAE places great importance to society happiness especially during the pandemic while following a wide range of proactive measures to protect the health of community members and maintain the quality of service,” she emphasised.

Khalil highlighted the moral and psychological support programmes that have been established to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, and providing them with vaccinations in their homes.

She referred to the National Home Testing Programme for People of Determination, and providing free tests for elderly citizens and residents.