Lab work
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Abu Dhabi: The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has led an exercise to bolster the UAE’s readiness in case of epidemics.

The tabletop exercise involved more than 20 entities, including Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, and the General Civil Aviation Authority. They assessed the country’s preparedness in countering any outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The exercise ensured the efficacy of precautionary and preventive measures enacted by the respective entities, each harnessing its unique capabilities.
Central to the exercise was a collective engagement to glean insights from the global responses to epidemics and pandemics. Such collaborative contemplation sought to foster an environment conducive to proactive measures, wherein strategic plans, guidelines, and medical capacities were scrutinised.

Deliberations revolved around refining the efficiency of communication channels and information dissemination across the concerned authorities. Moreover, participants delved into the realm of media procedures, analysing the means to effectively convey information to the public in the face of diverse situations that may arise on a local or international scale.

NCEMA Chairman Ali Saeed Al Neyadi affirmed the pivotal role of proactive risk management in tandem with the entities that constitute the National Emergency and Crisis Management Network. This collaboration, he stressed, hinges on strategic warnings, risk assessments, and the appraisal of their ramifications. The paramount aim is to construct strategic messages while fostering awareness.

Global model

Al Neyadi said: “The National Emergency and Crisis Management Network is committed to harmonising national endeavours in countering all types of risks and threats, evaluating their potential repercussions. This is achieved through the formulation of a shared strategic outlook."

He added: "By assessing prior protocols, operations, and the lessons garnered, we aspire to craft an exemplary global Emirati framework for addressing emergencies, crises, and disasters of varying complexities. This reaffirms the UAE’s remarkable adaptability and dexterity in navigating such scenarios.”