Haneen Shawki Chaaraoui, Lebanese, 24, graphic designer at Mccan Health
“ It’s more difficult to fight cravings than impulses. If I’m craving a certain type of food, I’m thinking about it up until the moment I have it and I will put [all my] efforts into having it. However, I find it easier to fight food impulses, because if there is a jar of cookies in front of me, for example, and I wasn’t planning on eating them, I could definitely fight the urge to have them.

Ahmad Esmail Shehata, Egyptian, 20, student at American University of Sharjah
When you’re a gym freak, like I am, you’re going to probably have more food cravings than impulses. When you’re spending hours at the gym trying to build muscle, you have to maintain a certain diet. I’m generally picky when it comes to food, so I don’t go for just about anything. One time, I was craving for a sweet something so much, I ended up recreating a much healthier version of it. If it were a random impulse, I would have just gone and bought it.

Mohammad Al Kamil, 
Sudanese, 24, banker
I usually have cravings, and I try to fight them by getting involved in something that will take my mind off it. For example, I try to find an activity or try to commit to a specific diet in order to fight the urge. My friend and I agreed not to have any fast food for a while, but I’ve been really craving it. I’m trying to resist the urge to go out and get it.

Naschua Gomaa, 48, Egyptian, head of finance and administration at Goethe Institute
I tend to have more of cravings than impulses. I plan where I want to eat, and normally I have already decided what I will pick from the menu. Sometimes, before I order, I look to see something that looks good. If I like it, I plan on having it the next time but I don’t change my mind and go for it right then. I don’t just go for whatever is in front of me.

Sara Motaz Antaki, Syrian, 20, student, American University of Sharjah
I didn’t know what I was experiencing had a name to it when I first learnt about food impulses, but I’ve had both food cravings and impulses. I have a habit of finishing all my food even when I’m full, or grabbing something even though I’m not so hungry. I’ve also never actually tried to fight the urge for cravings. Usually if I crave something, I don’t think about it much. If I can get it, fine and if I can’t have it right then, I wait until I can.

Ahmad Jarrar, Jordanian, 25, account executive at APCO Worldwide
I think everyone has cravings once in a while, and living in a country where everything is available makes it easier to get what you want. Personally, I’m more conscious of food impulses than cravings as I have more impulses than cravings. For example, sometimes when I’m scrolling through Instagram, and I see food videos, it’s hard to resist the impulse to go and have that even when I’m not hungry.

Medhat Tonsy, 56, Egyptian, geologist at Halliburton
I usually get cravings rather than impulses. One time I was really craving a molten cake for a while, so I went and specifically got that cake. I never resist cravings unless I’m on a diet and trying to be healthy.