Please describe Aster@Home programme or what services do you provide patients?

Aster@Home is a special service platform initiated by Aster DM Healthcare that aims to provide prompt and personalised high-quality home care services in the most efficient manner at the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home/hotel/office in Dubai and Northern Emirates region.


Aster@Home has a dedicated team of highly experienced and expert doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel who believe “Quality care must be within everyone’s reach”. It primarily offers premium non-emergency treatments, where a doctor or a nurse physically visits and consults the patient at the convenience of their home/hotel/office. Along with this, Aster@Home also offers an array of services including home physiotherapy, lab sample collection and home nursing.

Services offered by Aster@Home:

l Doctor Visit | Sample Collection | PCR Test | Nursing Services | Maternity and Post Natal Care | Physiotherapy | Health Check | Dialysis


What does Doctor-On-Call offer?

When required, a doctor will come to your home/hotel/office to offer you highly personalised, medical care combined with quality and compassion. From paediatric to elderly patients, you will be provided with care and assessment for non-emergency conditions that can typically be treated in an outpatient clinic setting.

We offer you the following services:

Physician and Specialist consultation at Home | Assisting in Nursing procedures, IV infusion, medication administration and other medical services.


What does Lab Sample Collection@Home offer?

We are equipped to do sample collection anywhere and anytime at the comfort of home/hotel/office. From routine blood test to Health check-up, we are available 24/7 to do sample collection at your convenience.


What does Nursing Services@Home offer?

Nursing services@home ensures that you get a qualified nurse to care for your healthcare needs. Our home care services are designed so you get general and specialised home care as part of your clinical requirement.

Our range of specialised Home Nursing includes:

General and Advanced Nursing Care Management | Medication Management | Post-Operative Care Management | Wound Care Management | Continence and Catheter Care Management | Palliative Care Management | Geriatric (Elderly) Care Management | Maternity and New Born Care Management| Lactation Consultation & Breastfeeding Support | IV Infusion Support | Vaccination | Blood Sample Collection | Intensive Care Management

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What does Physiotherapy@Home offer?

Our Physiotherapy@Home program provides assessments and treatments to Dubai & Northern Emirates residents at the comfort of their homes/hotels/office for many conditions including

l Neck & Back Pain | Joint Pain | Stroke Rehabilitation | Post-Surgery Recovery | Hips and knees physiotherapy | Pulmonary rehabilitation | Elderly care | Exercise therapy | Geriatric physiotherapy | Sports injury management


What does Dialysis@Home offer?

Home Hemodialysis is a modality of Hemodialysis done at home. One of the major benefits of Home Hemodialysis is that treatment schedules can be tailored to the patient’s specific health condition and lifestyle. This allows flexibility in schedule that fits your lifestyle, saves time, saves on transportation, not having to go to the centre for treatment and avoid waiting times. At Aster@Home, we believe there is more to life than dialysis and patients have the freedom to choose for their healthcare needs. A choice that gives them control of their lives.


What does Maternity and Post Natal Care@Home offer?

Maternity and Post Natal Care@home service aims to provide a continuum of support for mothers and their babies at the comfort of their home, focussing on personal and emotional health post the delivery. We offer the following services:

Maternal Postnatal check | New-born check | Weighing baby | Post delivery wound care | Pelvic floor assessment and exercises | Feeding support and advice (breastfeeding) | Advice on signs and symptoms of infection post delivery

How does Aster@Home achieve optimal healthcare outcomes through the use of digital tools?



At Aster@Home we have created a dedicated Health Information System (HIS). The HIS collects and saves patients’ information, including diagnosis reports, medical history, treatment information plans, test results, etc. It provides a complete and orderly framework that helps healthcare providers (doctors, nurses and other personnel interact with their patients in a better way and eventually deliver care to them in a more efficient way.


Because processes on HIS are automated and a lot of tasks are assigned to the software to perform with utmost accuracy and with minimum human intervention, the scope of error is reduced drastically. As a result, various medication errors can be avoided and patients’ safety can be ensured.


By making all the patients’ information computerised, paperless and patient care activities automated, the HIS saves a significant amount of time in making patient care seamlessly effective and efficient.



In the next phase of digitisation, Aster@Home shall be incorporated in the already existing Mobile Application called 1Aster. This step would ensure that patients have easier and faster access to the services offered by Aster@Home. With this, patients can book appointments with doctors or register for laboratory sample collection at home, etc., in a hassle-free manner.


Through the mobile application, Aster@Home shall incorporate Tele consultation features as part of the Doctor-On-Call service. This would help in a quicker and easier way to reach out to a doctor for consultation.

What opportunities does Aster@Home present to patients?


Aster@Home provides a range of comprehensive clinical care. From Doctor consultation to Nursing Care, we provide the best of clinical care through our experienced, qualified team of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals at the comfort of home/hotel/office.


Aster@Home provides round the clock home healthcare services. Our doctors and nurses are available 24*7 to respond to medical needs.


At Aster@Home, appointment booking is hassle free with our call center available 24x7 to address patient needs. We provide a simple 3 step process to book appointment.

Make a call on our toll free number 800 700 600 and one of our call center agents will assist in fulfilling your needs.

Book an appointment: Share your location and book an appointment for the service as per your convenience.

Healthcare professional visits: Our Healthcare professional will visit your home/ hotel/office within 45 minutes or on your chosen date and time.


Patients receive one-on-one attention and a care plan that is tailored to their specific needs. This makes treatment more effective and builds trust among the patient, caregiver and home health care team.


At Aster@Home, the response time is within 45 minutes for Doctor On Call services in and around Dubai city.

What makes you hopeful about the home health and home-based care industry in the future?

The demand for home health care services is rising rapidly. People have increased life span, they want better quality and comfortable lives. Trend of home services has increased due to the pandemic; even for healthcare, people are looking for comfort, safety and quality healthcare at their homes and Aster@Home provides just that. This trend is expected to continue in the future and the demand for home healthcare services is expected to grow rapidly.


Today anyone can avail Doctor consultation to Physiotherapy to Long Term Nursing care, at the comfort of home/hotel/office. Patients can receive personalized care that is tailored to their specific needs. This makes the overall care plan effective and flexible depending on the patient’s choice of time and need.


Since the start of the pandemic and the increased demand of homecare services, healthcare at home has also become a preferred choice of healthcare delivery

amongst the people of UAE. This is an area which is gaining popularity and is the future of personalized healthcare at one’s convenience.

To book your home healthcare service, call Aster@Home at 800700600 or visit us at