Dubai: The Municipality Food Control Department's Food Inspection Section recently organised an inspection campaign at educational institutions in Dubai to ensure the health and safety of food circulated in Dubai, especially in the educational institutions.

Engineer Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Ali, Head of Food Inspection Section, said the section organises annual inspection campaigns during the academic year as well as routine inspections in the educational institutions.

The campaign aims to ensure the safety of the food circulated in schools through monitoring food supplying companies and ensuring that the kitchens in schools meet the technical and health conditions approved by the Food Control Department, and prevent the distribution of food received from unknown sources or unapproved by the Department.


The campaign also aims to ensure that all suppliers have valid permits issued by the Food Control Department and that the preparation areas of these companies meet the standard conditions and specifications, in addition to educating schools' management about the food-related risks to students and the food control measures.

Al Ali said at the beginning of these campaigns, held during March 21-25, the officers and health inspectors covered 315 educational institutions in the emirate. He added that the campaign, which has achieved its goals of ensuring food safety, will continue according to a certain schedule during the academic year 2010.

Call to parents

Eng. Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Ali, Head of Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality, urged parents to monitor the types of food their children eat in the schools and inform about any observations they receive from their children about the food circulated and distributed in educational institutions by calling the Contact Centre of Dubai Municipality on 800 900.