Dubai Health Authority Stem Cells
Stem cell therapy Image Credit: iStock

Dubai: A new electronic registration system introduced at the Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre (DCRC) will now allow expectant mothers to store the cord blood stems cells from their placenta up to 30 years. The registration is done seamlessly online and the expectant mother can carry it out from the comfort of her home.

The way the system works is that once a woman provides the requested information and meets the basic criteria, she is registered and the centre then delivers the cord blood stem cell collection kit to her home.

This new method was launched by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)-run centre to ease the registration process for pregnant women, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Fatma Alhashimi, Senior Clinical Scientist and Head of Donor Recruitment unit at DCRC said that this service will save pregnant women time and effort of physically visiting the centre to register especially at this time.

“To apply to store their cord blood stem cells, all what expecting mothers have to do is send an email with their contact details to DCRC on A concerned team from the centre will then send the expected mothers all the requested documents. If they were found to be eligible after meeting all the criteria, they will be able to continue the registration to preserve their cord blood stem cells for up to 30 years,” Dr Alhashimi said.

She added that after successfully registering, the centre will deliver the cord blood collection kit, so the expecting mother can take it with her when she goes to deliver in private hospitals. The medical team will then use it during delivery to collect the cord blood stem cells. If the expecting mother is delivering in a government hospital, the cord blood collection kits are available in Dubai and Latifa Hospitals.