The 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge will have two fitness villages and 10 community fitness hubs this year. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai All Dubai nationals, residents and visitors, government entities, businesses and schools have been urged to take up the 2019 Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC).

The call came from Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, who launched DFC in 2017.

The 30-day challenge, running from October 18 to November 16, will offer a calendar of diverse and ‘on-trend’ fitness and wellness events, classes and programmes accessible across Dubai to ensure every individual is motivated to embrace a more active lifestyle.

Shaikh Hamdan called on the city through his social media channels to be ‘In It Together’ with him and take on the DFC this year.

He said: “The Dubai Fitness Challenge is our mission to unify the city in one truly inclusive fitness movement, with a common goal of achieving and maintaining active lifestyles. As we enter the third year of DFC, it is imperative that we recognise why this journey must start with each and every one of us, if we are to truly have a positive influence on the health and wellbeing of our families and the future generation. In each of DFC’s previous editions since its launch, I have been overwhelmed by the incredible participation and enthusiasm of all my fellow residents and I count on all of you even more this year to help us achieve our goal of becoming ‘the most active city’ in the world.”

Shaikh Hamdan added: “DFC 2019 promises to be more diverse, entertaining and action-packed than ever before – and is literally bringing fitness to every doorstep with its brand new ‘City is a Gym’ activation across the communities of Dubai. I encourage all our people – nationals, residents and visitors alike – to get a minimum of 30 minutes of activity every day for 30 days. I am personally very excited to gear up for the challenge and urge the entire city, young and old, to get on the journey with me. Let’s make every step count.”

‘City is a Gym’ has been designed to empower everyone to achieve their daily 30 minutes of activity during DFC by making fitness an accessible aspect of everyday life.

This adds to DFC’s roster of events, which include two ‘Fitness Villages’ at Dubai Festival City Mall and Kite Beach, 10 community-based Fitness Hubs, over 40 different events including a world record-breaking HIIT class with Joe Wicks, and more than 5,000 classes and activities across the city.

The 30-day challenge will also feature a host of health and wellness activities catering to all ages and abilities. Moreover, with the introduction of the ‘Find Your 30’ virtual content hub on the DFC website, and the updated Dubai Fitness App, it is now easier than ever to become part of the Challenge.

All residents and visitors can pledge to join the Challenge by registering on the Dubai Fitness App or the DFC website. More details on the Challenge and its events, and registration, are available on the official DFC website

Box: Accept the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019

Two ‘Fitness Villages’ at Dubai Festival City Mall and Kite Beach

10 community-based Fitness Hubs

Over 40 different events, including a world record-breaking HIIT class with Joe Wicks

More than 5,000 classes and activities across the city

DFC runs October 18 to November 16