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A leader in cardiac sciences, Burjeel Hospital, serves people from various parts of the world. Delivering exceptional services and, most importantly, the desired medical outcomes have made the institution one of the trusted destinations for people with cardiovascular diseases.

Burjeel Hospital has earned its reputation and recognition through delivering result-oriented clinical approaches. Since 2012, the hospital has successfully performed more than 16,000 interventional procedures and over 1,300 cardiothoracic surgeries. The growth of the institution and the increasing number of patients coming to the hospital for cardiovascular treatment is nothing but a testimony of excellence.

24X7 cardiac care

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Burjeel Hospital offers 24X7 cardiac care. The department has extensively trained doctors and medical professionals who possess immense knowledge and vast experience. It has been the most valued factor that has empowered Burjeel to evolve as a leader in cardiac science.

The medical team at the hospital specialise and provide committed patient care in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, interventional cardiology, paediatric cardiology, paediatric cardiac surgery, and cardiac electrophysiology.

The hospital has a state-of-the-art operating theatre exclusively for cardiac-related procedures with the most advanced machinery such as ECMO, LVAD, Mobile ECMO, EVH and VATS. The department constantly strives for innovation and adapts to newer technologies enabling faster diagnosis and precision treatment.

World-class standards and expertise

Burjeel Hospital is technically and professionally strengthened to perform the most complicated surgeries. The department boasts of the best door to balloon time and possesses the expertise to perform complex procedures such as ASD closures, VSD closures, balloon valvotomy, and open heart surgery procedures like Bentall’s procedure, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, aortic dissections and aneurysm surgeries, cryoablation arrhythmias surgeries, CABG on-pump/beating heart surgery (off pump), valve replacement and adult congenital heart disease repair surgeries and ECMO cardiopulmonary support surgeries.

Also, the interventional cardiology services offer highly complex procedures like retrograde and antegrade CTO recanalisation, device closure of paravalvar leaks, post infarct VSD closure in a patient with cardiogenic shock, LA appendage occlusion etc. Furthermore, Burjeel Hospital is believed to have performed the highest number of percutaneous balloon mitral commissurotomy in the UAE with zero mortality and morbidity. The hospital also routinely use TOE guidance to shorten fluoroscopy time and ensure extra safety. Procedures like pacemaker, ICD and CRT implants are routinely undertaken.

Dr Y. A. Nazer, Consultant Cardiac Surgery at Burjeel Hospital, said, “It is a matter of great pride to us that we have been able to cater to people from various parts of the world. We even see international patients from the US, UK, and Africa seeking our medical expertise. It attests that the name and the reputation of Burjeel Hospital and its cardiac services are furthering across continents. It is a testament to our quality services and treatment offered at the institution.”

In addition, the hospital has an ultramodern ICU with ECMO, IABP, dialysis, CVVHF, and renal support devices. It helps the institution to provide the best care and treatment to critical patients. Burjeel Hospital has a well-established adult ECMO unit to treat acute circulatory pulmonary failure and H1N1 infection. It is one of the few hospitals equipped with an ambulatory unit with a mobile ECMO ensuring a safe and early mobilisation of the patient.

“ECMO was crucial in saving the lives of severely sick Covid-19 patients,” said Dr Tarig Ali Mohamed Elhassan, Head of the Department, Cardiac Surgery.

“The ECMO machine takes over the function of the heart and lungs. The blood pumped from the body to the machine is oxygenated before it is returned. This technique has saved the lives of many affected with Covid-19,” he said.

Doctors, however, maintained that the increase in the number of patients with cardiovascular disease is a cause to worry. It is taking a toll on people irrespective of their age groups.

Dr C. G. Venkitachalam, Chief Consultant, Cardiac Sciences at Burjeel Hospital, said changes in lifestyle and unhealthy habits are the root cause of cardiovascular diseases. “Though we cannot modify hereditary factors, a person can avoid coronary heart diseases by following a healthy lifestyle. Simple actions such as quitting smoking, avoiding tobacco, and refraining from alcohol help significantly. Controlling lifestyle diseases, regular exercise, and having a wholesome diet are also crucial.” To observe World Heart Day, Burjeel Hospital has initiated a campaign to create awareness and promote medical check-ups among risk groups.

Cardiac Care @ Burjeel

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The premier brand of VPS Healthcare, Burjeel hospitals provide exceptional cardiac care and services to the needy round-the-clock across the UAE and Oman. The hospital with branches in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, and Sharjah has highly experienced doctors and professionals to attend to patients with heart problems. It follows the best practices and international protocols to maintain the standard and ensuring quality treatment to all. Early diagnosis and precision treatment with high success rates make Burjeel hospitals the best and the trusted cardiac care destination.

Website: Burjeel.com | Toll free: 80055

Doctors speak

We are distinct and distinguished from other service providers for clinical outcomes, exceptional patient care, and world-class services. These factors have made Burjeel Hospital an ideal destination for domestic and international patients.

- Prof Dr Omer Abdel Rahman, CEO, Burjeel Hospital

To the best of our knowledge, Burjeel Hospital has performed the highest number of percutaneous balloon mitral commissurotomy in the UAE with zero mortality and morbidity. We routinely use TOE guidance to shorten fluoroscopy time and ensure extra safety. Procedures like pacemaker, ICD and CRT implants are routinely undertaken. We are in the process of initiating TAVR.

- Dr CG Venkitachalam, Chief Consultant, Cardiac Sciences, Burjeel Hospital

The soaring number of patients coming to us even from the US, UK, and Africa attests to our reputation in delivering quality care and precision treatment.

- Dr YA Nazer, Consultant Cardiac Surgery, Burjeel Hospital

We are committed to providing the best cardiac care following international treatment protocol. At Burjeel Hospital, we constantly strive to improve ourselves and adapt to innovative technologies that would empower us to serve our patients better.

- Dr Abdul Majeed Zubaidi, Consultant Interventional Cardiology, Burjeel Hospital

The cardiac services department at Burjeel Hospital has played a vital role during the pandemic. We have saved the lives of hundreds of severely infected Covid-19 patients using the ECMO life support system.

- Dr Tarig Ali Mohamed Elhassan, Head of the Department, Cardiac Surgery, Burjeel Hospital