Ayman father
Ayman with his father Fuad during his school days in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Father of former Dubai student whose decomposed body was found nine months after his death from his room in UK blamed the British health and social care system for his son’s death,

“We as his family are fighting the UK health and social care to expose uncaring treatment that lead to my son’s death,” Fuad Habayeb told Gulf News on Monday.

Fuad’s son Ayman Habayeb, an autistic man who spent his school days in Dubai, was found dead in his room in the United Kingdom. Fuad said that Ayman, 28, was under the care of Milton Keynes city social service.

He said that UK’s the Department for Work and Pensions had ignored his needs and terminated his benefits just to save the Government money. “What can be more tragic than the fact that they completely ignored him and did not even bother to check on him for months as his death remained unnoticed for nine months,” he added.

Father's mission

He said that he was determined to fight against the UK’s health and social care system which failed his son. “I also want to create awareness about mental health patients and the care they deserve,” he said.

Fuad said that he first came to Dubai in 2005 to work on the design of the Dubai Metro. His wife, son Ayman and daughter Yasmin joined him by the end of 2005. Both his children were enrolled at Jumeriah College in Dubai in January 2006.

Ayman's school days in Dubai

Ayman completed his high school studies in summer of 2009 and left to the UK to start his university. In 2012, he was diagnosed with autism after long struggle with depression and attempting suicide. He was sectioned by local health authorities in Milton Keynes (MK)UK . In 2013, he was taken by MK social services into secure accommodation .

According to his father, Ayman then decided to cut off all contact with his past ; parents, sister, close cousins and friends and changed his name legally to Roy Curtis..

“As family we were assured that he has been looked after only to be shocked by the police telling us in August that they found him hanged in his apartment. Later, we found out that his body was left undiscovered for nine months,” explained Fuad who is currently based in Oman..

According to reports, Ayman’s decomposed body was discovered in a cupboard in his flat on August 21, after housing association officials called to evict him due to unpaid rent.

Fuad said his son had memorable times in Dubai as he had completed his high school at Jumeirah College in Dubai. Ayman lived in Dubai from 2006 to 2009.

According to UK-based newspapers, the autistic man who took his own life after the Department of Work and Pension (DWP) cut his benefits, left a damning suicide note blasting the system. He was living in Milton Keynes town in Buckinghamshire, England, about 50 miles north-west of London.

His father said that Ayman was under the care of Milton Keynes city social services.

Suicide note

In his note, the 28-year-old, who was diagnosed with autism and depression, wrote that he was no longer able to pay rent or afford food after his benefits were halted, and he feared he would end up living on the street.

He claimed bosses at the Department for Work and Pensions had ignored his needs and “terminated” his benefits just to save the Government money.

His benefits were halted late last year and his parents say his debts were mounting and he was threatened with eviction.

His parents, who claim he was failed by the system, said they later checked his computer and found a suicide note explaining how he planned to end his life.

The note he wrote reads: “My only income has been employment and support allowance benefits as I am unfit for work. On August 15 2018, the Department for Work and Pensions decided to terminate those benefits. This means I am no longer able to pay rent or afford food.”

His notes revealed he had attempted to hang himself on three occasions between 2016 and 2018, but had “failed with panic” each time.

A week on from his funeral, Ayman’s parents, Fuab and Annabela, said they had fought for six years to see him after he told social workers he did not want any contact with his family and his wish was granted.

Ayman was last seen alive in November 2018, according to his parents, who have questioned how he was not discovered sooner.

They have demanded a full safeguarding investigation by Milton Keynes Council which has launched a serious case review.

An inquest into Ayman’s death is due to take place in December.

A DWP spokesman said: “Our thoughts are with Mr Habayeb’s family and friends at this difficult time. We are committed to ensuring that people with health conditions get the support they need.

“Suicide is a very complex issue and while the inquest examines this tragic case, it wouldn’t be right to draw conclusions.”

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Council added: “This is a tragic situation. We, like all agencies who gave support, will be involved in a formal review.

According to the MKCitizen, Ayman, for reasons not known to his parents, told social services he wished to have no contact with his family and he even changed his name to Roy.