Abu Dhabi: As the UAE celebrates its 47th National Day, residents have listed what they love about the country, hailing its safety and security, tolerance, world-class infrastructure and successful economy — factors that have all contributed to the country’s progress.

A land of opportunity

181201 Abu Bakr Yasin
Abu Bakr Yasin Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Bakr Yasin (29), a Pakistani business owner who has called the UAE home for the last 18 years, says what he loves most are the opportunities the UAE has created for people like himself.

“The UAE has so many options for people who want migrate to this country for a better life. Nothing is ever easy in life but if you work hard with a goal in mind then the UAE is a great place to come to because it provides you with all the opportunities you need to become successful,” Yasin said.

“Here, in the UAE, I have made something out of my life and opened my own business, and the same applies for my own father who came to the UAE with nothing and then started his own business. All of this would not have been possible without the UAE opening its doors to us, with its forward thinking mindset.”

A land of tolerance

181201 Blessy Marin
Blessy Marin Image Credit: Supplied

Blessy Marin (40), an Indian HR manager who has lived in the UAE for four-years says her favourite part about living in the UAE is its tolerance.

“It’s amazing to see people from all walks of life living side by side together in one country without any problems or conflict. This type of unity and tolerant atmosphere is not something you will find in most countries,” Marin said.

“One great example of this community togetherness was the recent Diwali celebrations that took place in the UAE, with the leadership itself extending their congratulations to all of the people celebrating the occasion. This is one of the great legacies of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and I’m happy to see that the example he set is still believed in and followed.”

A land of safety

181201 Rayzel Mana
Rayzel Mana Image Credit: Supplied

Rayzel Mana (33), a Filipino visual merchandiser who has been in the UAE for the last eight years, said what he loves most about the country is its safety and security.

“The UAE is a very safe country, you can go anywhere — even if it’s late at night, nobody is going to harm you. The crime rates in the country are so low and so you always have a good sense of security around you,” Mana said.

“I have lived in other countries and I can say that none of them had the same high level of safety found in the UAE, and as an expatriate, this is one of the big positives in living in the UAE because you want to be safe along with your family.”

A land free from corruption

181201 Ruta Miezetyte
Ruta Miezetyte Image Credit: Supplied

Ruta Miezetyte (28), a senior sales executive from Lithuania who has been here six years, says that what she likes most about the UAE is the government’s transparency and its commitment to the fight against corruption.

“The government of the UAE is a very transparent one and is a government that also stands out against any forms of corruption. I’ve read in the newspapers from time to time about how government workers caught taking bribes are arrested and sent to jail,” she said.

“This shows the commitment of the government to ensure these things don’t happen like in many other countries. Whenever I have a government transaction, everything is straightforward and professional and I know that I will be treated the same like everybody else. This type of governance is why the UAE continues to move forward.”

A land of world-class infrastructure

181201 Ahmad Al Majayda
Ahmad Al Majayda Image Credit: Supplied

Ahmad Al Majayda (30), a Palestinian media relation’s specialist who has been here all his life, said the country’s infrastructure such as roads and buildings are one of his favourite aspects of the UAE.

“I have visited many countries around the world and in terms of infrastructure, when I compare those countries with the UAE, it’s really unimaginable how far ahead this country is. All of us living in the UAE have access to great roads, bridges, buildings, pedestrian walkways, shopping malls and so many other things,” Al Majayda said.

“There are some roads in the UAE that have up to seven lanes just going in one direction! As someone who grew up in the UAE I have been able to witness the great development and transformation the country has gone through. And what I really like is that they don’t stop trying to improve, anytime there’s a problem with a road, they repair it, or if a city needs something like a new bridge or any new types of infrastructure they are ready to meet that demand.”

A land of respect and friendliness

181201 Tesnim Hatib
Tesnim Hatib Image Credit: Supplied

Tesnim Hatib (21), an American-Lebanese expat who has been here for the last six years, says what she loves most is the friendly nature of the people.

“One thing that I have noticed a lot about living in the UAE is how the people treat you here. The people here are so kind, caring and respectful towards you. And also speaking as a woman, I see there is a big amount of respect in how men also treat women in this country,” she said.

“I believe a lot of this is down to the positive environment found in the country, which makes people happy and so their positive attitudes are reflected when they interact with others.”