The two-year deadline to implement smart government services, set by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, ended on Saturday.

Ninety-six per cent of the most important 337 departments placed their services on electronic formats. Here are some of them:

Emirates Post Group App: Emirates Post Group Mobile services

1. Request and renew mailboxes for individuals

2. Request and renew mailboxes for companies

3. Schedule local deliveries

4. Postal/Courier Licensing

5. Contract Customer Invoicing

6. Supplier profile 



Ministry of Labour App: MOL UAE

1. Issue new work permits

2. Issue quotas for companies

3. Renew labour cards

4. Cancel labour contracts

5. Lodge work-related complaints like not receiving salary

6. Issue and cancel absconding reports


Launched in 2011 and third version launched in 2014 with 86 per cent customer satisfaction



106,670 transactions were conducted through the app

The app is able to save people time from visiting the government service centre, minimises the necessary steps to complete the transaction


Federal Electricity and Water Authority Apps: FEWA, Ablighna

1. Request new electricity or water connection

2. Approve electric or water plans

3. Lodge complaints

4. Pay electricity and water bills

5. Receive and respond to consumer inquiries


FEWA has 9,788 downloads 4.1 rating

Ablighna 1,186 downloads3.7 rating


Telecommunications Regulatory Authority App: TRA UAE

1. Allows users to report suspicious sites and users

2. Report spam and block spam SMS

3. Report signal power

4. Lodge complaints

5. Verify authenticity of mobile phones

6. Mediate disputes between consumers and telecom operators


Emirates Transport App: Emirates Transport

1. Provides latest news on Emirates Transport

2. Add /remove operating routes

3. Request contract for the provision of school transport services to the private sector

4. Offers supervising services inside school buses

5. Al Wataneya auction for used vehicles

6. Rent vehicles

7. Carpooling services


7,062 downloads launched 27 march 2014



Emirates Identity 
Authority App: 
Emirates ID

1. Issue a new ID card

2. Replace an ID card

3. Renew an ID card

4. Lodge complaints

5. Track applications


The application aims at providing users with another mode or channel to register personal information with the EIDA. It reduces the time needed for individuals to submit their application.


Ministry of Interior App: MOI

1. Vehicle registration

2. Traffic fines,

3. Plates services

4. Driver’s test services

5. Respond to reports of fires, rescue, emergencies

6. Lodge reports on lost documents

7. Police-related services

8. Entry permit and visa services

9. Residency and foreign affairs services

10. Issue/renew passports for Emiratis


Ministry of Justice Apps: Moj mNotary, Moj mLawyer, Moj mJustice

1. Request acquisition of passport

2. Request appeal report

3. Request a copy of the judgement

4. Issue and accredit contracts

5. List the case details for lawyers

6. Send messages back and forth between the lawyer and the court

7. Users can acquire details about court procedures

8. Acquire information about the 23 public prosecution services

Mjustic comes in three languages, Arabic, English and Urdu and through this app users are able to search for lawyers among the 600 registered at the ministry.


Ministry of Education App: UAEMOE, Abna’ee

1. Offers nutrition programme for schoolchildren

2. Health care for school students

3. Request and issue degree accreditation

4. Request licensing for new schools or institutes

5. School finder

6. MOE services guide

7. Answer inquiries and receive complaints

8. Accept suggestions

MOE launched four apps: Abna’ee (My Children) downloaded 65,000 times and has a 4.0 satisfaction rate: Caters to students who are able to check their school schedules, examination grades, and final reports. The app also sends notifications on new rules or announcements

Malafi (My File) downloaded 1,802 times and rated 4.7: This app also caters to students and provides their weekly schedules, school homework and exercises, and allows them to receive their homework electronically. It also includes their medical files and school records.

EOM EAUapp downloaded 6,410 times and has a 4.5 satisfaction rate: Targets the audience following the ministry’s latest news. It allows its users to view academic developments and school announcements. Through Google Maps, it can identify locations of schools.


Ministry of Health App: MOHUAE

1. Issue and renew licences for pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and medical centres

2. Evaluate doctors that work as consultants in the government sector

3. Issue and renew health cards

4. Report lost health cards

5. Issue death certificates

6. Issue birth certificate

5,646 downloaded the app

Their smart services include:

Smart patient gate: This service can be securely used by patients wherein they can request an appointment or view their test results.

A unified medical record on a federal level that offers accurate information and research that contribute to a safe society.