officials looks a driver less drone at the Abu Dhabi Police launched its Future Police plan 2017 to 2057 when its 100 per cent fleet will run on hydrogen. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Cutting-edge smart technology, robotic policing, automated drone ambulances and driverless cars for roadside assistance will be the future of Abu Dhabi Police, officials said on Wednesday at an event to announce the plans of Abu Dhabi Police.

Abu Dhabi Police launched a series of strategic initiatives under the theme of ‘Future Police 1957-2057’ (its 100th anniversary) at the Armed Forces Officers Club in the capital on Wednesday and said that the all the plans will be implemented in the lead-up to the anniversary.

By 2057, the entire fleet of the Abu Dhabi Police would be converted from fossil fuel-run to sustainable hydrogen-run vehicles. On Wednesday, the police introduced the first hydrogen fuel police car in the Middle East and said that they would introduce five more next year.

Driverless police ambulance

Speaking to Gulf News, Captain Mohammad Jasem Al Hosani from Abu Dhabi Police’s innovation and foresight department, said, “The battery-operated driverless police ambulance can carry two persons that includes a paramedic and the injured person. It will also send all health conditions of the injured person to the hospital [during the journey].”

Police drone ambulance

The 600kg drone ambulance will assist people who are lost or face emergencies in deserts, roads, mountains and forests.

Two kinds of autopilot drones were on display, a small one to assist one person, and a bigger drone for two. The drone ambulances are fitted with a stretcher and chair for a doctor. The capacity will be increased as required.

“These police drones can fly to places where police cars and helicopters can’t reach. In remote desert areas, these drones will reach quickly and save lives by transferring the injured to hospitals on time,” Al Hosani said.

Even in the case of emergencies such as earthquakes when cars cannot reach certain places, these ambulance drones can access the areas with ease, he added.

Jalal Al Baloushi from the police’s information and technology centre, told Gulf News, “[Such facilities] will also cut the down traffic police response time to half — from 4 minutes to 2. It will also transfer injured people from roads to the hospital.”

The drone ambulance can update the hospital about the condition of the injured person, Al Baloushi said.

Driverless police car

The autopilot electric car, propelled by batteries, will serve the public during emergencies. Motorists will be able to request these services via the Abu Dhabi Police app.

“This car will not only serve motorists but also residents, automatically picking up passengers. Those who are old or differently abled can request for the police cab,” Al Hosani said.

“The self-automated police car may be launched on the Abu Dhabi roads by 2020,” Al Hosani added.

The car will operate on its own and but will be monitored from the police operation room to spot any technical glitch or problem, he said.

Robotic policing

Don’t be surprised if a robot police, who can communicate in all languages, reaches to assist you on the road.

These robots will be sent to motorists for roadside assistance, breakdown of vehicles or any police assistance required on the road or in the community.

First hydrogen car

The first police patrol vehicle in the Middle East that emits zero carbon will be the future of the Abu Dhabi Police fleet.

Captain Aisha Saeed Al Kaabi from Abu Dhabi Police’s innovation and foresight department, said, “Next year, we will bring in five more cars which run on hydrogen, are environmentally friendly and offer sustainable solutions to environmental health.”

Each year will see the addition of hydrogen cars and by 2057, the entire fleet of Abu Dhabi Police will be converted into hydrogen-run cars, she said.

By 2057

  1. All Abu Dhabi Police vehicles will be converted to hydrogen-run vehicles.
  2. 5 hydrogen-propelled cars will be introduced next year.
  3. Self-automated police car to hit the Abu Dhabi roads by 2020.
  4. Space Science Lab of Police will be built.
  5. 10% of police will wear uniforms with internet capabilities.
  6. Launch of the smart vehicle number plate.
  7. 25% of Abu Dhabi jails will be converted into innovative centres.
  8. 50% of police buildings will generate electricity.
  9. Rehab centres will be converted into power generation centres.
  10. 10% of police vehicles will be driverless.
  11. 50% of the Abu Dhabi Police budget will be self-financed.