Dubai: Dubai Police have clarified that they do not charge a fee of Dh400 for inspecting a traffic accident site.

Denying a media report to this effect, a top official told Gulf News that the police charge no fees for inspecting the traffic accident site but issue a fine against the person who causes a road accident.

“The fine charged by Dubai Police, which can go up to Dh400, is levied on the motorist responsible for road accidents only,” he said.

He added that “this fine is also issued to those involved in single vehicle accidents”.

In May, Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, issued Executive Council Resolution No. 15 of 2016, approving the newly fixed fees for a number of services provided by Dubai Police.

These services include transporting light and heavy vehicles and motorbikes from one place to another in the emirate; moving light and heavy vehicles, cranes, containers and other similar vehicles off the road; and detaining light and heavy vehicles in their designated areas.

The resolution stipulates that Dubai Police can charge for services listed in the table of fees annexed to the resolution.

The resolution had also outlined newly introduced fees for services such as issuing certificates and permits. It aims to enable Dubai Police to further develop and enhance services provided to their customers.

The same traffic police official explained that in other emirates, except in Dubai, there are services launched by police where motorists can pay a “fee to receive fast police response to an accident”.

“In Sharjah and other emirates, motorists involved in minor traffic accidents can voluntarily pay a Dh300 fee to access fast response from a special road service programme dubbed Saeed, which was launched in 2013, but we currently don’t have that in Dubai”.

The programme aims to reduce response time to roadside mishaps to 15 minutes with Saeed officers given another 15 minutes to finalise the accident papers, Gulf News reported earlier

A similar roadside service — which improves response times to accidents — is also available in Abu Dhabi.

Ambulance service fee

In February, a newly introduced ambulance service fee came into effect in Dubai. The fee is charged to the insurance provider of the driver causing a traffic accident.

Dubai Police and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services charge a fee of Dh6,770 for emergency and evacuation services provided to each casualty in a traffic accident.