Besides books, the Logos Hope also organises various cultural and educational programmes onboard. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai The world's largest floating book fair, on the Logos Hope, is due to dock in Dubai Saturday, and move on to Abu Dhabi on February 7.

The ship's 400 crew members are volunteers who have come from around 50 different countries who together strive to live as a unique example of unity in cultural diversity. No one, including the captain, is paid for their two years of service onboard.

Some come with qualifications to fill specific roles such as engineering officers, plumbers, carpenters, bookkeepers, cooks, and other professionals; many young people come with no qualifications except a willingness to serve.

They have different backgrounds, but the crew members agree to help people through social service projects and good literature.

During Logos Hope's recent visit to West Africa, the crew undertook projects including building schools, book donations, and a free medical and dental clinic.

Ship open to public at Port Rashid

The ship will be open to public at Port Rashid from today until February 5. Opening hours are 1pm-10.30pm Saturday to Wednesday and 4pm to 10.30pm on Thursday and Friday. Ladies and children can also come on Monday and Wednesday from 10am-1pm.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Logos Hope will be open to public in Abu Dhabi from February 7 until 19.