Local touch : Emirati artist Mohammad Al Astad at Abu Dhabi Art Fair Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Renowned international and local artists of Art Hub are exhibiting some fancy and expensive works of art at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair in the city’s Manarat Al Saadiyat until November 23.

Pierre Kauffmann of France is showcasing a $165,000 2.7 metre 3-D monumental Polychromic Sculpture at the Art Fair. “It’s a museography and a collector’s piece that requires a large space to fit in. It is definitely not for the smaller galleries.”

Emarati artist Mohammad Al Astad - inventor of ‘art grave beaches’ will also be showcasing some unique pieces at the fair which start at a price tag of $10,000. Al Astad uses discarded iron pieces – which he collects from different places - to create images on a canvas.

Tunisian New Media Artist Naziha Mestaoui too is exhibiting a Euros12,000 ‘Art and Light’ visual installation at the fair. “People can order this installation which comes with a 40 cm diameter mirror plate, a sound system which gives vibration to the water and a powerful LED light with a lens.”

A collector’s item indeed, Naziha also said ardent art collectors would also be more drawn to her artwork.

Another contemporary artist Gilles Giacommotti is exhibiting two art works –made from oak and pine wood. Both pieces are priced around $25,000 each.