Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the launch of a ‘Read with RTA’ app to match the national agenda of reading endorsed by the UAE for the next ten years. The agenda considers encouraging reading an integral part of the business of government bodies such as ministries and public entities.

“Read with the RTA app enables community members, especially public transport commuters as well as visitors of Customer Happiness Centres, to download up to 150 books in Arabic or English [that are] offered in the app free of charge,” said Moaza Al Marri, director of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector.

The app can be used on Android and iOS devices.

Customers and beneficiaries can download the app or take shots of the QR Code displayed on stickers at metro and tram stations, buses and taxis as well as marine transit and abra stations.

“The user can scan the QR Code to activate the display of the selected book for a certain period,” she explained.

“RTA considers Reading [app] as a lifestyle capable of enriching the intellectual and knowledge of the community members. It also opens new cultural and educative dimensions to further the individual and communal awareness of contemporary life issues. It offers exposure to an array of perception and cognisance realms. Thus, it considerably contributes to protecting community segments, including RTA customers, from any cultural currents that may undermine the noble implications and moral values,” said Moaza.

“RTA has rolled out a host of creative initiatives in this regard, highlighted by sponsoring the latest edition of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature and launching of the Knowledge Chair in the metro stations.”

RTA has also introduced the audio kiosk initiative, which offers audio recordings of selected books, courtesy of RTA employee volunteers, and the stuff is then delivered to the people of determination through the parties concerned.

“RTA has also run several other initiatives replicating the drive of the UAE and the Dubai Government. It keeps reading in high regards considering it a civilised tool to leverage the community development through fostering educated generations,” Moaza added.