Dubai police honored a man for his honesty Image Credit:

Dubai: An Emirati man was honoured by Dubai Police for returning Dh3,000 left behind by a motorist at an ATM at a petrol station.

Omar Abdullah Al Danhani, 33, acted quickly when he found the cash left behind at the ATM and eventually managed to return the money.

“I informed the workers at the petrol station but they didn’t know the owner of the cash and said they were not responsible. I asked them to go through surveillance footage and saw the man using the ATM. He left in a hurry without collecting the cash,” Al Danhani said.

He identified the car’s number plate and called the command and control room at Dubai Police, which helped officers track down the phone number of the car’s owner.

“Police alerted the man and coordinated with him to return the money. The man told me that he had forgotten the money at the ATM after he withdrew it because he was in a hurry to reach home before the rush hour,” Al Danhani said.

Major-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, ordered that Al Danhani be honoured for his honesty and returning the money to the rightful owner.

Brigadier Omar Al Shamsi, deputy director of Operations Department, honoured Al Danhani at the Dubai Police headquarters.

“We want to thank him for his honesty and good gesture when he contacted Dubai Police and helped to return the money. He is setting a good example for the community,” Brig Al Shamsi said.