Emirates staffers who were part of the Instagram campaign Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Flying is perhaps one of the most privileged jobs in the world. Cabin crew get to go places like few others, gaining unmatched exposure through their travels. Making picture postcards almost of their rich experiences, Emirates recently launched a campaign allowing six cabin crew members to showcase the best of their voyages on its official Instagram page (https://instagram.com/emirates).

Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ divisional senior vice-president, corporate communications, said by sharing their experiences on a social platform, the cabin crew were not only bringing people together but also giving them the chance to discover new places. XPRESS caught up with the six Instagram ambassadors to find out more about them and their travels.

Ammor Alsaadi, Syrian (@ammorsaadi)

What I have showcased: My passion for photography and different cultures. All my images portray a healthy and happy lifestyle which reflects on our life as cabin crew.

Most memorable experience: I was lucky to travel to Vietnam to bring the destination to life through my photos. I mingled with the locals and experienced their simple day-to-day life.

Best & worst part of flying: I don’t get to spend much time with family and friends but I consider myself lucky to be able to fly around the world while working. The only tough aspect of my job is not having a fixed sleeping pattern.

About being an instagrammer: Social media is a very powerful tool, plus it is a great chance to interact with people from different cultures.


Chonticha Suppermsathien, Thai (@ticha_ek)

What I have showcased: The destinations I fly to and my adventurous side. I love nature and scenic places, which are reflected in my photos.

Most memorable experience: My trip to Maasai Mara safari in Kenya. Game drives brought me up close and personal to some of the most magnificent animals on earth.

Best & worst part of flying: I’m able to visit places I’ve dreamt about and make friends with people from around the world. I serve in the First Class cabin. It’s not an easy job due to the time differences I face. I miss a few important occasions with my family in Thailand due to my roster.

About being an instagrammer: I have learnt a lot of photography.


Oksana Marchenko, Ukraine (@ksu_hin)

What I have showcased: My career and what I do during layovers and days off.

Most memorable experience: When all six of us Instagrammers were on duty to Mauritius. It was such a pleasure to work with people who have the same passion. I will also never forget my visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, and meeting my lovely followers.

Best & worst part of flying: Earlier, I dreamt about travel. Now, I still can’t believe that work and pleasure can go hand-in-hand.

About being an instagrammer: Using Instagram teaches me to be open to the world, but it also reminds me to maintain some privacy. I have a game for my followers. I post pictures of my destinations and they guess the locations. When I’m back in Dubai, I reveal the answer. People love it!


Imad Boujemaoui, Belgium/Morocco (@caludgero)

What I have showcased: Whenever I visit a landmark I do my “jumpfies” – I take photos of me jumping over my GoPro camera. Emirates has featured three of these new selfies.

Most memorable experience: An opportunity to visit Burj Al Arab, the most expensive hotel in the world. Also, a ride on the Emirates A380 simulator at the Emirates Official Store in The Village, Dubai Mall, left me speechless.

Best & worst part of flying: Every day is a new day with new challenges and great stories to tell. We have such an amazing cosmopolitan community and working with colleagues from around the globe teaches me what life is really about: sharing, respecting and enjoying different cultures!

About being an instagrammer: Instagram for me is the new search engine – you type a word and a million photos appear. If I want to visit a place, I type the destination and make my travel plans according to the photos I like the most.


Amy Bartholomew, Sydney (@amybartholomew)

What I have showcased: My duty as a Business Class crew, the premium products that Emirates offers and Dubai’s attractions.

Most memorable experience: My trip to Mauritius with five other ambassadors. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much before.

Best & worst part of flying: From Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, my wanderlust increases each time I visit a new city. I have so many destinations on my bucket list and hope that one day I can visit every city on Emirates’ ever growing network.

About being an instagrammer: Instagram is such a great social tool. I have made so many new friends around the globe with common interests.


Andrew Tapper, New Zealand (@andrewtapper_ travel)

What I have showcased: My travels from the streets of Istanbul to Ipamena beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Most memorable experience: Flying down to Melbourne for three days to cover the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Final. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase the atmosphere of the grand event, meet the players and get a shot with the cup itself.

Best & worst part of flying: I am living out my childhood dream of exploring the world, fulfilling my desire to live a life of adventure and discovery.

About being an instagrammer: I love photography and working on this Instagram campaign with Emirates has given me the opportunity to showcase our amazing destinations all over the globe.