I have completed grade 12 and would like to pursue mechanical engineering. Could you suggest a few colleges in the UAE where I can do this?
Mohit, Dubai

Mechanical engineers use their skills and knowledge to design automobiles, aircraft, office appliances, power plants and more. There is always a demand for good engineers in the aerospace arena. Some recent areas of application are cryogenic technology, which deals with materials and robotics.

You could take a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Bachelor of Science (engineering) BSc (Eng), Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Bachelor of Technology (BTech) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree. These take four to five years of study in India, the UK and the USA.

The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, the College of Engineering Al Ain, the Birla Institute of Technology (BITS Pilani) Dubai Campus, the American University of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi University are a few names I can think of where you could apply to study mechanical engineering.

My daughter is in class 12 and has taken physics, chemistry, maths and computer science. She wants to pursue environmental engineering. What are its future prospects and can she do this in India or Canada? Also, how can she improve her career prospects after completing her degree?
Neera, Dubai

Environmental engineering combines science and engineering to identify and design solutions for environmental problems. Environmental engineers help provide healthy drinking water, improve air quality, remediate polluted sites, and control water pollution in rivers and lakes among many other activities. Their studies and conclusions have become pivotal in the debate for the construction of large projects such as dams and power plants.

Environmental engineering programmes at many universities are either in the Department of Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering. Your daughter could also study law as a joint degree to use in environmental engineering law.

Job opportunities in this area of expertise are plentiful and include setting up drinking water plants, waste water treatment plants and working in environmental engineering consultancy firms.

Your daughter could also join an NGO (non-governmental organisation), take up teaching or be a lawyer (for environmental advocacy groups). She could also specialise in fields such as oceanography, natural resource management or urban planning.

In Canada, admission requirements are similar to that of any engineering programme. Your daughter will need maths and sciences that include physics and chemistry. Calculus and a higher level of maths is preferred.

In India, several institutes offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in environmental science and engineering. The undergraduate duration is for four/five years and postgraduate for two years. Admission in many of the better institutions is through the national entrance exams. Her college counsellor will be able to guide her regarding the entry requirements for different institutes.

Sanjeev Verma began his career with Ernst & Young before moving on to set up the Gulf operations of IDP Education Pty. He now leads Intelligent Partners in Dubai developing a wide range of solutions in areas of international education.
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