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In conversation with Dr Khalid Khawaja, Provost, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Dubai

Dr Khalid Khawaja


Which courses will give students an edge in the job market in a post-Covid world?

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of STEM education with more links to the industry and its applications. IT and software saved the day for many sectors during the pandemic. Science and technology showed the potential for solving serious human battles in unprecedented ways. We now actually see the potential for beating any virus in record time. From AI applications in Electrical Engineering and IT to Data Analytics in science subjects, STEM fields will give students great success routes, given that they are better linked to real industries and real problems.

After the successful implementation of e-learning last year, how is RIT Dubai looking at ways to create new opportunities for effective student learning and experiences?

Integration of e-learning into the education experience is an asset that RIT Dubai will leverage for the future. Here are some of the key possibilities that are now available at the university.

Connecting students and faculty with their peers across the globe to offer courses, build projects, and create new experiences

As a global campus of an internationally-recognised university, RIT provides routes for connecting its campuses in new innovative ways.

Bringing new expertise and interactions with recognised individuals and groups to the classroom through online connection and delivery, and providing more perspectives that are recent and up-to-date.

Creating more learning scenarios and varied experiences for students within the classroom where a blend of online and in-person teaching is used to offer effective learning opportunities for various topics

Facilitating industry-based executive education for students to enhance their personal growth and developing broad-based professional competencies

“The new campus is an open innovation ecosystem”

In conversation with Dr Yousef Al Assaf, President

Dr Yousef Al Assaf


What is your outlook for the new academic term starting in September?

We expect that we will be completely on campus, where students will enjoy the opportunities that RIT Dubai’s new campus provides. These opportunities range from mingling with external partners hosted in the campus to utilising the facilities such as the new labs of AI, robotics and smart energy. We believe that the campus experience is vital for students. While online learning can complement studies, it cannot totally replace the physical experience of a classroom, which is critical for a student’s education and their future. The new campus is an open innovation ecosystem where students can not only plan for their future, but also design their future.

What sets RIT Dubai apart from other higher education institutes in the UAE?

AT RIT, we create new realities for students. This is an open innovation ecosystem, where we help students to look at their educational journeys not only in their classrooms, but beyond that too. Here, students are encouraged to create solutions and test them on campus. As a result, students are provided with industry-endorsed certifications issued by our strategic partners in addition to their degrees. This will strengthen their chances of finding jobs and increase their knowledge and experience span.

Our internship programme is also unique. Students have options to either do research with the faculty, be part of a bootcamp or opt for internships at any organisation for a minimum of three months up to a year.

We also provide entrepreneurial internship. If a student is wishing to start their own company, we help them in that venture. RIT is not only creating a state-of-the-art campus, we are trying to implement the future of education and create opportunities for our students within the campus along with our strategic partners and through our connections with the main campus in New York.

All you need to know about admissions and scholarships at RIT Dubai

RIT Dubai offers highly valued bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business, leadership, computing and engineering. While it offers American degrees, all of RIT’s programmes are accredited in the UAE. Students of RIT Dubai also have the unique opportunity to choose to study abroad at the main campus in New York or at one of its other global campuses.

As a not-for-profit university, a significant portion of our net income is reinvested back in scholarships which can be in the form of a merit based scholarship, financial aid and alumni scholarships.

- Hameed Al Obaidi, Senior Admissions Counsellor

RIT Dubai is currently accepting applications for September 2021 intake. “New or current students can get up to Dh125,000 worth of scholarships throughout their four-year programmes at RIT Dubai,” says Hameed Al Obaidi, Senior Admissions Counsellor.

“As a not-for-profit university, a significant portion of our net income is reinvested back in scholarships which can be in the form of a merit based scholarship, financial aid and alumni scholarships,” Al Obaidi explains.

“All new and current students have the option to apply for scholarships throughout their studies at RIT Dubai.”

For more details on RIT Dubai, visit Rit.edu/dubai