A class in session at a Dubai school. For illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority is at it again - releasing precious nuggets of information that provide great insights into the profile of its vast community of students and teachers across schools in Dubai.

After a highly animated Twitter engagement on the number of boys and girls with the name ‘Mohammed’ and ‘Maryam’ – and the many different ways they spell it - last week, the education regulator today let on that the youngest teacher in Dubai is aged 20 years, while the oldest is 76. But the revelation came not before another round of wild guesses by its followers on Twitter.

The guesswork was prompted by KHDA on Thursday after it tweeted that the average age of Dubai’s 20,445 private school teachers is 38 and asked the tweep community what they thought could be the age of the youngest and oldest teachers in the emirate.

Earlier in the week, KHDA released the autumn edition of the Private Schools’ Landscape Report for 2020-21 in which it pointed out that out of the 20,445 teachers in the city, 16,506 were females while the rest – 3,917 – were males.

In another interesting insight, the report said that Indians make up for nearly a third (29.1 per cent) of teachers in Dubai, followed by Britons at 17.7 per cent and Egyptians at 9.5 per cent. Lower down the top 10 nationality-wise break up of teachers placed Filipinos in fourth place at 5.1 per cent, followed by Irish 4.7 per cent, Pakistani 4.1 per cent, Syrians 3.8 per cent and Lebanese at 3.6 per cent. Other nationalities put together made up for the remaining 17.6 per cent of the teaching population.