Electric ambulance
Electric ambulance Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has launched the world’s first electric ambulance, Gulf News has learnt.

DCAS Executive Director Khalifa Al-Drai said the first-of-its-kind electric ambulance will be operational during Expo 2020, which opens on October 20 this year.

“The electric ambulance will be ready for action and rapid response during Expo 2020. The environmentally friendly vehicle will not only enhance safety but also help in conserving the environment for the generations to come,” he said.

The official said the launch of the electric car is the second step in DCAS’ efforts towards sustainability.

Just last year, DCAS launched its first electric bike. The bike, which does not give out any harmful emissions, works with the same efficiency as other bikes while being employed for rapid intervention to emergency calls, especially during peak hours and in congested places.

In 2019, DCAS acquired a fleet of Ford Transit Ambulances that have an integrated vehicle intelligence system that allows a central control room to locate it, track its speed and communicate with the ambulance driver.

The vehicles, specially developed for DCAS, have a semi-solar powered system that recharges the battery. They are equipped with a mechanism to plug in the vehicle to a power point when stationary and provide cooling without switching on air-conditioning.