The IPR Department at Dubai Customs in a virtual meeting with officials from the American Embassy. Image Credit: Supplied

DUBAI: Within their efforts to enhance cooperation with foreign diplomatic missions on protection of intellectual property rights, the IPR Department at Dubai Customs organised a virtual meeting with officials from the American Embassy.

The meeting discussed important means and strategies to tackle piracy and counterfeiting.

Maryam Al-Muahiri, Head of External Relations Sections and Khulood Al-Housani, Education and Awareness Officer, represented Dubai Customs in the meeting. The American Embassy was represented by Bruce Elsourth, Technology Attache and a number of companies affiliated to the embassy’s trade attache, who are looking to expand their business in the emirate.

Cooperating to tackle counterfeiting was the highlight of the meeting. This includes the recycling of counterfeit goods.

“Cooperating with the diplomatic missions includes coordinating with companies affiliated with the trade attache to help protect their brands from counterfeiting.

In 2021, the IPR Department resolved 390 IP disputes that have an estimated value of Dh14.8 million, and 2.112 million counterfeit items for 221 trademarks were recycled.

Bruce Elsourth highly commended Dubai Customs for their valuable efforts in protecting intellectual property and said American diplomatic missions are highly interested in usual cooperation with the Government Department in this side.