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Abner, Kader, Ashit are the latest winners of the Mahzoon Draw in Dubai

Dubai: Two expats from India and one from Nigeria who won Dh100,000 each in the weekly raffle draw of Mahzooz have shared how they are keen to improve the lives of their loved ones and other through smart investments and donation.

In the 91st draw of Mahzooz held on Saturday, August 27, the top prize of Dh10million went unclaimed. However, 73 lucky winners shared the second prize of Dh1million and walked away with Dh13,698 each. Also, like every week, three winners took home a total of Dh300,000 in raffle draw prize.

Kader and Ashith from India, as well as Abner from Nigeria won Dh100,000 each in the weekly raffle draw.

Donation to orphanage

Abner, a 32-year-old Nigerian, said he had started participating in Mahzooz only three months ago. Fascinated by the show, Abner watches the draw live every week. This Saturday, while his eyes were glued on the screen, he was so surprised to see his name among the winners’ names.

Planning to donate a part of his win to an orphanage back home in Nigeria, Abner commented: “This unexpected reward will change my life and many lives for the better. Mahzooz has provided me with such a great gift, and I would like to bless others in my turn.”

Investment plans

Kader, a 28-year-old Indian national and father to a six-month-old baby, has been living and working in Abu Dhabi for seven years.

Kader said he plans to use his big win to settle his financial debts and make sound investments in the UAE.

His uncle introduced him to Mahzooz, and since March 2021, he has been a loyal participant in the draw. Kader admits that he buys his Mahzooz tickets when he manages to save the tips he earns at his job. During the draw on Saturday, Kader was unaware he had won until a friend called him and told him.

Upon learning of his win, a thrilled Kader expressed, “I am overjoyed. This time, I truly believe that luck has finally smiled to me. Every time I manage to make a small saving whether from my salary or the tips I get at my job, I immediately buy Mahzooz tickets, in the hope that my dreams will be fulfilled. Now I can surely say they are.”

Ashith from India, is 30-year-old engineer who has lived in the UAE for nine years. Ashith started participating in Mahzooz in April 2021 after being introduced to the draw by a colleague.

“The UAE has given me so much already. With this money, I am planning to explore some investment opportunities in the country” said Ashith.

1kg gold prize

Mahzooz means ‘lucky’ in Arabic and luck will smile yet again for all the participants in August as they may win an extra one-kilogram gold that’s up for grabs as part of the Mahzooz Golden Summer Draw. The additional draw will be held in conjunction with the weekly draw on September 3.

Entrants can participate by registering on Mahzooz app and website, and purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35 and.

For each bottle purchased, participants are eligible for a one-line entry into the Mahzooz grand draw for a chance to win the top prize of Dh10m, the second prize of Dh1m or the third prize of Dh350. They will also be automatically entered into the weekly raffle draw where three lucky winners will be guaranteed to take home Dh100,000 each.