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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a three month suspended sentence for a physio accused of sexually abusing his client, on Tuesday.

A 45-year-old Canadian woman was attending a medical centre for physiotherapy sessions in May of this year when her physiotherapist allegedly touched her breast twice and kissed her lips while massaging her right shoulder.

A 38-year-old Pakistani defendant was handed a three month suspended sentence followed by deportation by the Dubai Court of First Instance and an appeal court has now confirmed this verdict.

“I felt him touch my breast and stopped him by telling him that this was a sensitive area and that he should stay away from this part of my body, but later he repeated the same act and kissed my lips,” said the victim, who pushed him away and left the centre without talking to him because she was so shocked by his behaviour.

She later sent a text message to her physio to ask him why he did it, and he replied that he couldn’t resist her beauty.

The incident was reported to Bur Dubai Police Station who summoned the man for questioning.

Messages between the victim and the defendant were later used to prove that the man had admitted to sexually abusing her and he was charged.