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A mobile police station is now based in Al Nahda, Sharjah, permanently to ensure zero crime. Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

Sharjah: Sharjah Police’s pilot mobile station in Al Nahda is proving to be a huge success.

Colonel Yousef Obaid bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Centres Department, told Gulf News in exclusive interview that the station is being approached by people round the clock to make complaints and give their notices.

The project was launched at the beginning of 2019 under the Safe Neighbourhoods initiative. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was moved to Wasit police station. In December last year, the station returned to Al Nahda but now it will stay there permanently due to the residents’ need.

Sharjah’s Al Nahda has not recorded any serious crimes as the police could act swiftly on complaints, foil a number of thefts and even arrested a man wanted by security agencies over a financial case. He said traffic patrols, foot patrol and scooter patrols have also been intensified in the area to enhance security with cameras being connected with the police operation room. A Crime Preventive Team has also been doing the rounds to zero in on suspects and curb the crime rate.

Major General Saif Al Ziri Al Shamsi

Major General Saif Al Ziri Al Shamsi, commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, stressed that such initiatives launched by the leadership come within the ambit of the National Agenda 2021 and government accelerators programme approved by the Ministry of Interior. The aim is to combat serious crimes, reduce the number of deaths due to traffic accidents, increase the sense of safety and security within communities, boost the reliability index of police services, ensure quick response in emergencies and make Sharjah the safest city in the world.

Colonel Yousef Obaid bin Harmoul

Col. Bin Harmoul said the area around Al Nahda Park in Sharjah, where the pilot mobile station was launched, was considered a “hot” zone as several negative phenomena were being reported. But the mobile police, who worked according to a specific plan, could monitor suspicious activities in both residential and commercial places and act upon them. Besides thefts, the police dealt with cases of people under influence of alcohol sleeping in lifts, vehicle destruction, martial disputes and financial disputes, annoying incidents [like loud music ] from apartments, and others. Many of these cases were resolved by the police and legal action initiated where necessary.

The community can now feel the difference and is extremely grateful to the police. People from different nationalities recently visited the station to thank police as for making the place safe and some of them posted on social media to express their grateful to Sharjah Police for their efforts.

More mobile stations will be launched in select zones of the city to ensure greater safety. The next area for the launch of the mobile station will be announced by the police shortly.


Col. Bin Harmoul said that police asked all buildings [residential and commercial] in Al Nahda to install CCTVs to help them identify suspects in case of any crime.

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People from different nationalities recently visited the station to thank police as for making the place safe. Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

In one incident, police move quickly after receiving a complaint from a woman, who reported that a man was harassing her. Police arrested the suspect who denied the incident. Then police and public prosecution referred to the camera footage, which clearly showed the woman’s statement was correct.

'Suspicious' system

Sharjah Police adapted new a system — termed as a ‘suspicious system’ — to track suspects. The system aims to build a database about suspicious people found on the road after midnight. In case of a crime occurs, it helps police to retrieve that data about people in the scene at that time who might be connected to the crime.

QR code

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Residents can access Sharjah Police services by scanning the QR code at the mobile police station. Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

On the sides of the police station, there are QR codes posted on the window and written on it in Arabic and English ‘scan here’. After scanning the app will show the customer wide range of Sharjah Police smart services, which help and guide the customer to choose his options. More than 100 scans have been done by residents without referred to the police.


Col. Bin Harmoul advised owner of shops and companies to never leave their cash inside their premises and deposit them in the bank to avoid any theft.


The total number of violations issued at the mobile police station from December 15, 2020 until February 7, 2021 is 34. Incidents varied between driving during night without using lights, using mobile phone while driving a vehicle, lack of validity of vehicle lighting, failure of vehicle drivers to adhere to traffic signs and instructions, pedestrians crossing the road from places not designated for them, and other traffic offences.

Major cases dealt with by Al Nahda Mobile Station so far:
* Fraud related to massage scam
* Prevention of several thefts
* Arrest of an Arab man who was under the influence of alcohol and had been harassing women in a shopping centre
* Arrest of an African men who burgled two apartments [in separate incidents] and committed thefts on the streets. After receiving complaints, the mobile police patrol acted quickly, arrested the man and referred him to public prosecution.
* Arrested a man wanted by security agencies over financial case.
* Act quickly to remove blocking of roads by cars [the car was pulled by police and fine issued for blocking roadss]
* Disturbance, gathering of men or youth near buildings
* Checking on COVID-19 precautionary measures and spread awareness to the importance to adhere to the regulation
* Awareness campaign on the importance to not leave any available items in the car and how to avoid cybercrime

A total of 10 criminal reports were referred from the mobile police station to the competent authorities for the same period. Cases included assaulting, theft and others.

Lost and found items

People who lost their belongings found them in the mobile police station when they went there to report their missing items. These included passports, cash and jewellery.

An Arab man lost his bag containing his passport and official documents. He forgot it on the top of a car and then went to another place. Later, he remembered the bag but could not find it till he reached out to the police.