Bags of methamphetamine seized from a 'wheat harvesting machines' shipment. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs and its New Zealand counterpart have joined forces to prevent the entry of 200kg of methamphetamine into New Zealand.

Customs officials from Dubai and New Zealand acted upon intelligence to seize a shipment originating from an Asian country en route to New Zealand’s Auckland port. Initially declared as wheat harvesting machines, the shipment was discovered to contain the illicit substance, valued at approximately $70 million.

Dubai Customs’ efforts to combat drug trafficking extends overseas as it helps address transnational crimes that pose substantial threats to both individuals and communities.

Newer tactics and tools employed by smugglers constantly pose a challenge for law enforcement agencies worldwide, but enhanced collaboration and partnerships between customs and security agencies go a long way in counteracting cross-border drug trafficking, managing associated risks, preventing misuse, and combating unlawful trade.

Dubai Customs’ Intelligence Department is actively working to strengthen cooperation with consulates and diplomatic liaison officers to achieve their objectives, including uncovering smuggling activities and curbing illicit trade operations. This collaborative effort has resulted in the interception of numerous illicit shipments crossing borders and destined for various countries worldwide, a statement from Dubai Customs said.

Leveraging shared experiences has a positive impact on customs inspectors’ awareness regarding global risks, threats, manipulation techniques, and illicit trade operations. The customs sector plays a vital role as the first line of defence in protecting communities and contributes significantly to supporting the economic sector by adopting best practices and providing innovative services that facilitate trade and the movement of travellers, the statement added.