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Dubai: A woman was sentenced to three months in jail for blackmailing a man with intimate pictures and video, Dubai Court heard on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old Emirati met the Moroccan dancer of the same age in a nightclub. They entered into a relationship and the man told her about his wife and daughter.

“I told her that I wanted to have a serious relationship with her if she quit her job and stopped drinking alcohol and she agreed,” said the man.

“In May 2018, I discovered that she hadn’t quit her job, so I ended my relationship with her and changed my phone number,” he added.

The man’s friend told him that she kept calling him to ask for his new number and when he called her she asked for financial help following which he sent her Dh5,500.

“She phoned me again after a few days and blackmailed me for 140,000 Moroccan dirhams [Dh54,000], besides a monthly salary of Dh4,500. If I didn’t pay she threatened to inform my family of our relationship,” he added.

The woman also sent him a video on WhatsApp of them exchanging kisses and threatened to forward it his family if he didn’t pay her the money.

The man alerted Dubai Police who checked his chat and summoned the defendant.

During interrogation, prosecutors said that the woman made blasphemous comments in her messages on WhatsApp.

The court ordered to deport the woman after serving her prison time.