Sharjah drivers assured after speed camera malfunctions
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Dubai: People working in support sectors are permitted to leave homes in Dubai during the 24-hour national sterilisation programme, but are requested to present proof, Dubai Police said on Sunday.

Dubai Police patrols, surveillance cameras and radars are being used to identify people who do not comply with the authorities’ order during the national sterlisation programme in Dubai.

Employees working in banking and financial services (banks and exchange centres), social welfare services, laundry services (for permitted outlets) and maintenance services, are permitted to commute to work between 8am and 2pm.

Is your profession included?

“Employees working in supporting sectors permitted to leave homes, will request to present proof, when stopped by a police patrol or detected by a radar,” Dubai Police said on twitter.

Dubai Police said that people can call 999 for emergencies and 901 for non-emergencies as well as report any violations through E-Crime platform and ‘Police Eye Servive’.