Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police has issued a statement clarifying local media reports about a woman in UAE who allegedly killed her lover and cooked his body parts.

"The media outlets had initially reported that the woman had killed, cooked her ex-lover, and served him to workers in Al Ain. This information, however, was incorrect and misleading,” the statement says.

The false and misleading story first emerged on social media before it was picked up by several news media outlets, the statement adds.

According to an official source from Abu Dhabi Police, the woman did not "feed workers parts of his body after killing him".

The Abu Dhabi Police statement said “Do not accept or share information except from official sources. Such rumors have an effect on the proceedings currently taking place and on the public prosecution's investigation into the crime.”

“People should not share such stories on social media that are baseless and do not come from official sources. Propagating misinformation has a negative effect on public security perception and social well-being,” the statement says.