Tim March
Gulf News has done a great job for the last 41 years and long may it continue, says Tim March. Image Credit: Supplied

I’ve been an avid reader of Gulf News for over 18 years since first arriving in the UAE in 2001. During that time the newspaper has helped forge a real sense of community by amplifying the issues and events that affect us all. Gulf News enables me to get a real feel and understanding of what’s actually happening in the world around me both locally and internationally, particularly with events back home.

To have that all in one comprehensive read is what draws me to the paper both in print and online. A lot of people come here and don’t really know where they are, they just bring their own culture in, but Gulf News is a local lens for people in English to build a better sense of community.

Articles on important issues affecting the community have also been picked up and translated by the Arabic press and vice versa, which creates an important exchange of ideas and opinions, otherwise there would just be English papers and Arabic papers and nothing in between. This is becoming so much more important now that the UAE is aiming for greater inclusivity by attracting expats and enticing them to stay longer.

Gulf News has done a great job for the last 41 years and long may it continue.”

— As told to Ashley Hammond, Chief Reporter