Kerala flooded house
A woman clears out the water from her flooded house at Paravur on the outskirts of Kochi, in the southern state of Kerala, India August 11, 2019. Image Credit: Reuters

What you need to know:

  • See what made headlines this week - from Independence Day of India and Pakistan, to natural disasters around the world.


On social media, users discussed the ongoing #HongKong protests that have resulted in violence within the region and have disrupted flights. Pakistani and Indian residents celebrated their respective Independence Days on August 14 and 15. The destruction caused by the #KeralaFloods was discussed, along with the controversy surrounding Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.

RDS 190815 Hong Kong-1566110653292
TOPSHOT - A tourist (C) gives her luggage to security guards as she tries to enter the departures gate during another demonstration by pro-democracy protesters at Hong Kong's international airport on August 13, 2019. Protesters blocked passengers at departure halls of Hong Kong airport on August 13, a day after a sit-in forced authorities to cancel all flights to and from the major international hub. / AFP / Philip FONG Image Credit: AFP

1.Hong Kong protests

The ongoing Hong Kong protests have escalated and are being followed by police retaliation. This week, protesters effectively shut it down with sit-ins that forced officials to take the extraordinary step of cancelling flights. Many international travellers were affected.



#HongKong what a wonderful place! I hope all the problems to be solved and no one is harmed.


RDS 190815 Pakistan-1566110658180
TOPSHOT - Pakistani girls hold a national flag in front of the mausoleum of founding father Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah during Independence Day celebrations in Karachi on August 14, 2019. / AFP / RIZWAN TABASSUM Image Credit: AFP

2. Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistani nationals around the world celebrated #PakistanNationalday and wished friends and family on the occasion.



Happy Independence Day, Pakistan. May we be free of hate, of poverty... disasters. May the future bring us the happiness and peace we have been dreaming of.#PakistanIndependenceDay

3. #AbhinandanVarthaman

As India celebrated #IndependenceDay on August 15, the country congratulated pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman on receiving the Vir Chakra award, an Indian gallantry award presented for acts of bravery.



Vir Chakra to be awarded to Wing Commander #AbhinandanVarthaman.. A salute to your bravery!

RDS 190815 Kerala-1566110655768
Rescue workers help locals to cross a waterlogged area, after a landslide, at Kavalappara in Malappuram district of the south Indian state of Kerala on August 11, 2019. / AFP / STR Image Credit: AFP

4. Natural disasters

Typhoon Lekima in China killed more than 40 people. The monsoons raged havoc in India and Pakistan, resulting in the loss of property and life. Users discussed climate change and the need to take action.



Ecocide needs to become an international crime. To hold business leaders and people of significant public office to criminal account for not protecting people or mass damage or destruction of the ecosystem. #ActOnClimate #ClimateChange #KeepItInTheGround

RDS 190814 Priyanka Chopra-1566110648287
Mumbai: Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas at the launch of Bumble's #FindThemOnBumble campaign in Mumbai, on June 13, 2019. (Photo: IANS) Image Credit: IANS

5. Priyanka Chopra controversy

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra was accused of encouraging nuclear war between India and Pakistan, by a Pakistani woman during a public event in the US. Chopra’s response went viral and did not sit well with many people around the world.



“Don’t embarrass yourself” - the only person embarrassing themselves is you, Priyanka. #PriyankaChopra #disgrace.